Any recommendations 78 rpm audiophile turntable?

A buddy gave me a ton of 78s from his now deceased uncle and I'm looking for a good quality turntable to dedicate to 78s. Currently leaning towards a KAB modded Technics 1200 mkII. Any very vintage vinyl buffs got any thoughts/advice? Prefer a newer model. Thorens and Dual also still make 78 speed tables.

Hi, I have had great luck with the Dual CS5000. Not only will it play 78's but this belt drive table does a fine job on 33's and 45's also. I own two of them.
You may want to check Rega, somehow I remember a dedicated P-3 for 78 rpm.
Dear Sd Goat: The best you can buy: Technics SP 10MK2, and this one is great not only at 78 rpm but at 33/45 rpm too.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Try esoteric sound. They specialize in 78 rpm turntables which have variable pitch as many were not exactly at 78 rpm. Low prices too
Not cheap any longer, but the Garrard 301 is hard to beat.
Many thanks to all your suggestions! Seems if I was bit more astute I would've seen a similar thread posted a day or two earlier. Still leaning towards the Technics 1200 modded for 78s and it appears that is what the Esoteric CVS-14 is as well. Does anyone know this as fact? The esoteric website doesn't provide the level of detail as KAB. The CVS-14 sure looks like a 1200 mkII to me. The Dual CS-5000 and the Technics SP10 Mk2 may be a bit hard to find. Not sure if I can (or want) to dedicate the $$ for a 78 only table such as the Rega P-3. Plenty of possibilities. Good to see that so many still go for the vintage 78s except that provides more competition at the garage sales and auctions!
Lenco L75 or L78 is popular among 78 lovers because of its variable speed. There were shellac records cut at other speeds than 78 rpm, and with a Lenco you can set it to ANY speed between 16 to over 80 rpm.
Use the stock arm for 78s and mount another arm outside the upper edge of the top plate for LPs & 45s and you have a killer table for all formats ( well, except CDs...)!