Any recommendation for TOP 5 cables AES/EBU ?

I am looking out for really outstanding balanced cables - for getting state-of-the-art pre/poweramp (solid state) and hi-level components connected. Do you have specific recommendations for my very neutral & natural sounding audio system (Avalon, Gryphon etc.)?

My NF-cables are 5-8 years old, so I want to bring them up to "present".
Hi Tonis7992, you are going to have to try different cables to see which you prefer but I'm a little confused with your title "AES/EBU" which are usually a digital related cable.
When I read your thread it then refers to cable between pre/poweramp which would be either XLR (balanced) IC (interconnect) or SE (rca) IC (interconnect).

Which is it IC or Digital?

If it is a cable between your pre and power amp that is referred to as an "IC" which can either be RCA or XLR connections and there is a huge variety along with costs being all over the place.

I currently use Stealth Indra XLR with their latest connectors. You can do some search on them.
You don't really need 5 to choose from the JPS superconductor 3's and your search is complete and they are not overpriced like some cables out there. Hope this helps
For "neutral and natural" sounding interconnects I have found none better than those made by Analysis Plus.
My 1st choice: Duelund 2.0's.
My 2nd choice: Silent Source Music Reference.
My 3rd choice: Silent Source Signature.

I used to have the Stealth Indra's, which are truly great, but I personally like these others better and they're not outrageously expensive.
Go to Positive Feedback website & read one of the cable reviews written by Robert H. Levi (such as the Argentum Acoustics Mythos review in Issue 40).
There is a recommendation list with cables ranked within different price categories.
I find it quite useful for reference.

For AES/EBU, I would recommend Tara Labs ISM OnBoard The 0.8 (digital).
Harnellt praises the JPS Superconductor 3 interconnect. The Superconductor 3 speaker cable is also outstanding. Best I've ever heard, and I've listened to quite a few.
thanks for your response on recommending Analysis Audio cables. Do you think about one specific IC XLR version? Appreciate your input.
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Hi Dev,
I am talking about an IC with XLR connectors - do you any specific recommendations?