Any recomendations for in wall speakers?

Bssically for speakers for ambient music around the house and possible rear sound for surround set up... mains on the system are Silverline Sonata Mark 3's and will only be used for main music listening... Any thoughts / advice greatly appreciated!

Hi Duts,
A friend and I did a install in a person's home basically as you describe. We put a 7.1 system in wall/ceiling in the great room.Ambient speakers in the garage,master bedroom and on the back patio with attenuators for the garage,bedroom and patio. A good switcher with impedance matching will also come in handy as some recievers have a hard time with the long runs of speaker wire.Unless you buy an amplifier specifically designed for such, you'll need the switcher.Also a plus is having a reciever with more than one zone. This way you can watch a movie in the great room and have a cd or radio playing else where in the house simultaneously. The more zones the more sound can vary from room to room.

You have so many companies to choose from. It will depend on how much you want to spend. The Definitive Technology In wall/ceiling are great for this.I installed some of these in my Dad's home.

Also you have the Paradigm In wall/Ceiling.

The best bang for the buck so far has been the Symphony Select In-Wall Speakers. I was a little apprehensive about using them at first.But after setting up a house using only these speakers. It was quite impressive! The 10 year warranty offered is pretty tough to beat also.

Good luck with the project!
I heard Joseph Audio in wall speakers at CES. They were very impressive considering the acoustics in the room.
Take a look the following manufacturer which will give you for your money worth.

Totem Acoustic
Tru Audio
Cabasse USA

I had installed three room using these three company just for comparision and you won't believe the quality & soundstage of these speakers.

Have fun to shop!!!