any recomendations for 78 rpm TTs?

My father-in-law just aquired a bundle of 78 rpm discs and was wondering if I knew of any good quality TTs he could check out that could play them. I did't but I thought I'd inquire here. So any ideas?
jpgr000: Technics SP10 MK2.

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As I recall, some models of Thorens turntables used to have 78, 45, and 33 rpm speeds. One model that I know of with 78 rpm speed is the Thorens TD-190, but there may be other ones that better meet your needs. Jerry Raskin's "Needle Doctor" carries this model. For more info, go to this link:;jsessionid=ac112b1d1f4367b170aea2cd4867b96eaf48ad14f4f6.qQvJq2PEmlnva30P-BbQmkLz-ATzr6Lzn6rzqwTxpQOUc30KaNDNo6XKq6zInRmLa3mP8RbCpR0HoA5Qmh0KbgTNo6XK-kDvrA4Ka3iIqRnvp6iIpAjOp6jynQjM-AbJpgaMa30PbhySb38T8Oexo6XHngbynknvrkLOlQzNp65In0__?sc=2&category=42&it=A&id=846

Some other brands to seriously consider are Rega, Music Hall, and Pro-Ject, all of which build good tables at reasonable prices. Rega, for example, makes a model called the Planar 78, which is built specifically for 78-rpm playback.

You should also check the web sites for Audio Advisor and Music Direct to see what they offer.
Have you tried a forum search? This question was discussed in the last three months.
I was just in the same situation. My wife's folks had a huge stack of mint condition 78s lying around and gave them to me when they moved a couple of months ago. My VPI has no 78 speed, so I hit eBay. Turns out that there's a guy who lives very near me who refurbishes old Dual tables. This individual is a fanatic for condition. Seriously, I now have a 40 year old Dual 1215 that looks very nearly new...all for $82. Had to add another $80 on top of that for a good cart with conical stylus (Grado 45C), but I was in business for not much money. The whole thing sounds pretty damn good overall. Here's his eBay 'Items for Sale' if you want to take a look:
Try esoteric sound. They manufacture inexpensive turntables with both 78 rpm speed and pitch control.
1. The revamped Technics 1200 (phychanimal loves this table).
2. Thorens 180, 190.
3. The revamped Technics BD-22.
4. If rich, SME 30.
5. Thorens 501
6. Any tables by Esoteric Audio
7. Rega p78
9. VPI did have a upgraded SAMA that ran 78 I saw once on a HW-19 Mk. III.
10. Run a VPI with an SDS (digital LCD version)
11. Old Dual or Thorens
12. Build on new plinth for a Lenco

Need more? ;-)

Vestax is a great variable speed tt. Far better than Dual or Thorens. I use the Shure for 78s. Amaze your friends! I got it from Raskins' Needle Doctor. Superior sound when you clean and then let Last preservative seep in. The immediacy and presence, although not rich like the LP has an endearing musical quality.