Any Recievers with an HDMI audio connection?

I have a Sunfire Cinema Grand II pre-pro that has served me well for several years. However, it has no connections for HDMI audio.

I will be able to get lossless HD audio via a 5.1 analog connection on my Toshiba HD-XA2 hd-dvd player (on order and to be delivered June 13th). I am still contemplating getting a PS3, but the only way to get the hi-def audio from a PS3 is through HDMI, and my pre-pro doesn't have HDMI. The only reason I'm considering a PS3 is to get the titles that HDDVD doesn't have...and if I do that, I sure as heck want to hear it in hi-def also. So....I'm considering a receiver as a processor in order to get hi-def audio from the PS3.

The reciever will of course need to have pre-outs for my amplifiers...the receiver power rating is irrelevant to me..I will be using my own amplification.

I would appreciate any recievers that you could recommend.

Please check out my system page to see if this a viable solution.


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Addendum to my post above:

I have a main 2-channel system and my 2-channel preamp has a pass-thru that allows me to connect a processor. So, stereo playback need not be an attribute for the receiver you recommend.

The receiver would just be used to process hd-audio.

thanks again.......mitch
I have decided to do without the SSP and use a receiver for processing only. I recently bought a dedicated stereo preamp with HT pass-through. I have ordered a Onkyo TX-SR805 which should be here next week. It incorporates the latest decoding and has HDMI 1.3 switching with 3 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output and video upscaling to HDMI. That unit, or others from Denon and Yamaha soon to be released, might work for you. Music is most important to me and video is secondary, thus the emphasis on 2 channel gear in my system. Good luck!
Onkyo has just hit the market place with the first 1.3 hdmi receivers. They decode true hd and dts ma audio. There is quite a run on the 605 at $399. Even at this price it also upconverts the video. The also have the 805 for more money and about 4 or 5 more models coming. Read all about them at
I am considering the Onkyo TX-SR 805 receiver or the TX-SR 605 receiver. I only need it as a processor in order to get the HDMI / hi-def audio capability. I would like to use my external amps for all channels driven. Does the TX-SR 605 and 805 receivers allow for external amps to be used for all channels? All of my speakers are very difficult to drive and the amps in this reciever just won't cut it.

I would like to get the lower priced model if the processing is the same on both...the power ratings won't matter since I'm using all external amps.


The way I understand it, the 605 does not have pre-outs for use with external amplifiers, but the 805 does. That is the reason I am going for the 805. In addition, the remote is programmable/learning, if that matters. Otherwise the processing is the same.
ok...gotta go with the 805 too......thanks again for your help.
So far everything I have read about audio through HDMI has been bad. It seems that we are better off if we use a separate connection.
What bad things have you heard about audio through HDMI?
I read on one manufacturer's website as why they chose not to even offer it the option of audio through HDMI. I can't remember which one, sorry. Also, if you read the Sound and Vision review of the new Toshiba HD-DVD they found that the quality of audio from the HDMI was worse than it was through the dedicated output. Nothing conclusive but enough to consider using one extra cable.