Any recent reliable source of Shuguang 845B tubes from China on the Ebay or web sites?

Have been trying to source high quality 845B Shuguang tubes, and have found a wide gamut of information & misinformation... The US shops charge an arm and leg for these compared to the shops in China & Hong Kong (since I am looking for a match quad, or two), so I wonder if anyone has bought these within last year and can recommend a reliable supplier... Thanks
I see thetubestore has them for $138. Grant Fidelity may be worth a call.
its almost double of what are available on the ebay.....
You pays your money. Returns? Warranty?

Yes I know, hence looking for the reliable source to avoid any possible headache, but most likely will buy locally if nothing definitive comes up
I bought mine from atitubeman1.  I think he's in Florida.  Yes, a few bucks more, but I don't want to have to start shipping back to China and I'd rather pay a bit more for an item that lasts years.  But that's me. He has some fancy ones up on Ebay right now.  I could probably use a new pair myself.  
Thanks for you advise! Did you get the 845Bs or which ones? Yes I ve been in contact with him, seems like a knowledgeable person...He only offers 90 days warranty thou, and some shops in China offer 1 year...From what I hear  those PSvane 845 are not as good as regular Shuguangs, and that is one of reasons Rachel from the Grant Fidelity dropped them, because of excessive failure rate... But most likely I ll go with Atitubeman..
I just bought the normal 845b whatevers.  They were fairly new to the market and they didn't have all those fancy versions yet.  I think they work great and sound better than the normal 845s IMO.  
As to whether the Psvanes are unreliable, distributors say a lot of things for a lot of reasons, so don’t take anything as gospel. I would ask the Florida guy about his experience with the tubes and see what he says. I’m sure he doesn’t like to be getting a lot of failed tubes back to replace. But the regular Shuguang 845Bs are plenty nice.
I bought a set of Psvane 845Bs from last June. They have been completely reliable, and to my ears sound better (more extension in both directions, and airier) than the Shuguang 845Bs that I purchased from him 5 years ago. I run them in Audion Black Shadow mono blocks.
@early thanks... how long did Shugies last?
Hi kit. Five years and still sounding good. I know others that have gotten long life from them as well.