Any reason to spend $$ on hi-end ICs for an iPod?

I'm using an Arcam Rdock, with a pair of surprisingly well made but decidedly non-audiophile grade $13 RCA interconnects from Radio Shack, to go to my Arcam Solo. I have 70GB of music on my iPod, from myriad sources, in a wide variety of bitrates, all compressed.

Could a pair of interconnects *really* improve compressed iPod audio that much? I'm a bit skeptical. I can't even say that the amplification provided by the Rdock is all that noticeable in terms of SQ vs the normal iPod dock.

Anyone else have upscale ICs attached to an Rdock? Can you hear the difference?

If you are using your ipod as your source in a reasonably good mid-fi or better system with good files (lossless or better) you should at east use something better than a complete POS like the RS. The Monster cable for about $35 is worth it. I have a compact traveling system that is amazing.
I had order these for my TV.

I hooked them up to my Rdock for kicks. Don't really hear much difference, but they look cool.
And the key is lossless or better vs. OP who has them compressed at various bit rates.
I have a RWA ipod with beyer's 880s and headphonia amp. I upgraded the stock mini-to-mini to black dragon and was surprised that I could not tell the difference.