any REALLY good music video suggestions?

Greetings all,
I've recently run across a couple of concerts on DVD (they've been out a while) that were incredibly well done. Mine were: Chicago & Earth Wind & Fire in concert together, & The Eagles Farewell Tour from Australia.
If you know of others that had excellent SOUND & VIDEO, would you please mention them here? And if you haven't checked out the two above, I highly recommend them.
Good Listening AND L@@king!
the band ,the last waltz
The Shadows, Final Tour, is a fun video.
There is at least one very long thread on this topic. You might do a search.
Check out Mylene Farmer videos
Go to Netflix and browse through "music & musicals"...lots and lots, most with full info and reviews.

You don't have to join to browse.

Agreed that you should do a search as this has been covered numerous times. Since those threads however, Cream, Live at Albert Hall, May 2005 came out - highest recommendation.
Diana Krall Live in Paris, Norah Jones Live, The COORS, Jewel, and Eagles are all great choices, if you like this music.
I don't know if you enjoy Afro-Cuban jazz, but my "gold standard" among music DVD's is "Calle 57". It features some of the finest musicians in Afro-Cuban jazz, has great production values, and excellent audio. If you are not sure if you'll like, then rent it before you buy it. "Calle 57" is one of the very few music/concert DVD's I own that bears repeated viewings.
This past weekend, I heard a music DVD that I really liked, so I thought I'd add another post. The DVD is titled "Roger Waters In The Flesh -- Live", and it features Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame) and his nine band members in a live concert at the Rose Garden in Portland Oregon (about 6 years ago as I recall). The DVD is a Columbia Music Video release.

The cover of the DVD lists a number of the features, such as high-def video; 5.1 channel Dolby Digital sound; a 30-minute documentary; band biographies; still photos; etc. But what matters, of course, is the music, and it's damn good (assuming you liked Pink Floyd).
Metallica: With the San Francisco Symphony: S&M;
Metallica: Cunning Stunts......funny name ain't it.
"Concert for George", "The Crossroads Guitar Festival", "Allison Krauss and Union Station Live", Peter Gabriel - "Growing Up" are high on my list with a few of those listed above.
Talking Heads --- "Storry Telling Giant".
David Byrne --- "True Stories".