Any real sonic improvement using 2 or 3 belts on VPI tables?

Simple question. I have a Classic table running with a single drive belt and see the Avenger using as many as 3. Anyone care to comment?

I have the Eagle/Roadrunner to correct the speed. Once I get the new pulley, I will use the Fieckert software to compare the difference between one,two, and three belts.
I have a VPI Prime, use an Eagle/Roadrunner, currently use 3 belts with an HRX pulley, which as already explained is a necessity.  I found an incremental improvement with 2 belts, but adding the 3rd belt did not make any noticeable change. 
I only had 2 belt to work with. I am going to try a third just for the heck of it.
+1 @tooblue 

I will say that at some point I'm going to order a custom Mark Baker belt for my VPI tt project that uses a ADS/SDS pulley w/ my ADS.

Just for kicks.