Any real performace difference between SME 4 and 5

Is there any real performance difference between the SME V and the iv-vi and IV? I know there is a difference in the method of VTF adjustment and dynamic vs. static VTF but is there anything else?
Don't think you will get a consensus here. SME V has silver wire, a higher rated bearing.

SME IV lower rated bearing and copper wire?

SME IV-VI supposedly a better bearing and a kind of high impedance wire proprietary to sumiko different from the V or the stock IV.

I imagine a shootout would depend on your table, cartridge and amplification chain. I have a bit of trouble finding that the bearing would make that much of a difference, but the different wire at that level will have audible interactions with cartridge etc.

I had the IV-VI for years, thought it was just fine.
Dear Manitunc: Agree with Cjfrbw on the tonearm internal wiring where the V is better for a better quality performance. In the other side the V gives you the opportunity to run VTF as you could wish: dynamic or static way, I prefer static way. The other difference is that the V came with an " oil " dampening " systems " that you can add to the IV as an SME " after market " device.

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I've owned both the SME V and IV.Vi tonearms, but had the V when it used to be wired with Vdh copper and not the Vdh mono crystal silver which it is currently wired with. To my ears, the IV.Vi's Magnan copper wire sounded more extended at the top and better balanced overall than the V's Vdh copper wire. I have not heard what the V sounds like with its current Vdh silver wiring, however I recently had SME rewire my IV.Vi with silver Audio Note wire, which I hear as more organic sounding and somewhat better balanced than the Magnan copper. Nevertheless, I agree with Cjfbrw's comment about the influence imparted by one's table, cartridge and amplification chain. Of great importance also are the subjective preferences of the listener.