Any real difference in RCA cables quality for sub?

Right now I am using an inexpensive RCA cable I had lying around for the sub connection to the AVR. Is there any real benefit to using a more higher quality (ie more expensive)? 
A line level cable, analog out to pre/receiver, will allow you to hear differences in conductors, shielding, and connectors. I have repurposed four fairly expensive Spdif cables at this spot, each cable had their own individual sound characteristics. I have never heard much of a difference swapping good quality cables from pre/receiver to a powered sub.
Please don’t write things like "pre/receiver" without clarification. No one should ever give the impression of a receiver being equivalent to a pre-amp. Door-stop/receiver, boat-anchor/receiver, POC/receiver, even POS/receiver, are the preferred terms.
Thank you for the laugh, pre/receiver is my current system/past systems I used for my evaluations.