Any real difference in performance from the Decco?

I have a Decco and was wondering what folks speculation was on whether the new Peactree Nova would be worth trading up for?
That would be the Peachtree Audio Decco vs. Peachtree Audio Nova. I am almost thinking of using the analog out on my Airport Express and getting a Naim Nait 5i. 50+ views and no comments? I'm dying here.
Hang in there,its almost the weekend.Whats the rest of your system?Room size?Thanks,Bob
An older Sony ES player that almost never gets used, a classic Onkyo T-9 tuner, Airport Express steaming lossless with optical cable, Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 3 bi-wired with Audio Quest cable, and an older Carver TFM-15CB running speakers in other parts of the house from the Decco pre-outs. I would consider next steps for either changing amplifier (the decco), using the Decco as a preamp and buying a power amp, or getting different speakers if the Decco sounds like it could be made more musical with more effecient speakers. thanks.
Im curious about the Nova as well. Just saw it in the music direct catalog