Any "The Civil Wars" Fans?

I like listening to Civil War music. While searching for Civil War music on MOG, I stumbled onto the group, "The Civil Wars". If you like male & female harmony, you should like "The Civil Wars". Let me know what you think.
I liked the one they did with Taylor Swift, but I haven't get into their other stuff. I've got Barton Hollow in my queue for a serious listen.
Thanks for posting. The Mercury Living Presence Civil War discs 1 & 2 are worth a listen if you haven't heard them. Some of the most beautiful sounds I remember are of a capella voices streaming out of a Baptist church down in Dixie (Georgia) and that includes my years in NYC at classical venues. The human voice is capable of the profound, but more often than not we hear from it the banal and profane (v:
Another recommendation for the MLP Civil Wars discs. I had heard them before but they are also included in the recent MLP box set. A great listen all around.
I have "Barton Hallow", its excellent. Very intimate music.
I also have "Barton Hallow" on both CD and vinyl. It is truly an excellent album. Great harmonies and a warm intimate sound. Recommended.
I saw them on a music cruise last year and they were pretty special. Alas, I believe they've broken up.
I have "Barton Hollow". I really like their unique sound. Moody describes it.
I have the Ken Burns soundtrack of "The Civil War'. Great songs, playing and singing. Also a great documentary. Thanks for the tip on the MLP CDs. I love good southern church singing. Will get them.

I wouldn't describe Barton Hollow as "good southern church singing."
"I wouldn't describe Barton Hollow as "good southern church singing"

Neither would I.
I was not speaking of the Barton Hollow CD nor was I speaking of the Duo 'Civil Wars'. I was speaking of music assoicated with the Civil War and that era, and a lot of that is, Good Southern Church Singing.

I like The Civil Wars. However I heard they recently broke up. Bummer.
Thanks for this thread. I just ordered "Barton Hollow" and after some searching, "Follow Me Down" by Sarah Jarosz.

Hauntingly beautiful music.

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I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the Mercury Living Presence Civil War CDs besides a lot of the music and songs of the Civil War era also contain some of the most well recorded sounds of small and large bore weaponry of the time period or any time period ever put on tape.
Very nice album, They broke up.