Any Putumayo fans?

Dan Storper's Putumayo world music has been around for about 15 years, and I have about a dozen of his offerings. Are there any fans out there that have some favorites they want to share? Putumayo latest - Women of the World Acoustic, is one that you may want to have a listen to.
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Tubemiser - I am clueless about Dan Storper and Putumayo world music. What's it about? Clue me in.
Hell yes! Women of Spirit is fantastic (and a good system-test CD as well).

Recording quality seems to be generally very good on these. I also like the "American Folk" and "Gypsy Caravan"

"Women of Africa" (acquired taste).

These have turned me on to several international singers (e.g. Tarika, Capercaille) and given much pleasure.

Highly recommended!
Yes, I have a few Putumayo discs, and like them very much. Most recently Paris (which my French friend liked so much, she got a copy herself). One of my favorites is A Native American Oddysey (don't know if it's still in print). I'll have to investigate Women of Spirit.
Also, if you like music from other countries, I have been enjoying and recommend any of the "Belly Dance Superstars" CDs for Middle Eastern Music. They are more high-energy than most Putumayo discs; in fact they tend to be unabashedly bombastic in the very best way. So, as I type and think, different than Putumayo, but I want to throw them into the mix anyhow.
BIG Fan! I listen to their internet radio station all the time! I have about 41 cds. My favorites are Latin Lounge, Music from the Coffee Lands. I gotta check out that new one.
Two of my favorite CDs are, "Women of the World Celtic", and "Women of the World Celtic II".
Dan Stroper is/was an importer of handicraft and clothing and travel the world looking for products. He named his company after "Putumayo" after a beautiful river valley in Columbia. As he was walking through Golden Gate park in S.F. one day, he heard some ethnic musical groups performing and it inspired him to collect and record music from around the world, thus "Putumayo World Music".

All of Putumayo recordings are dynamic and musical to say the least. I believe there are at least 100 titles from all over the world. A great one to check out if you are not familiar with Putumayo, is their 10th anniversary 2cd collection. Along with their latest offering "Women of the World Acoustic", I also enjoy "Blues from around the World."

Happy Listening!
Thanks for the recomendations guys, looks like we have a lot of catching up to do with Tbooe. I wasn't aware they had an internet radio broadcast, gotta check it out.

BTW, if you purchase two cds from their web site (not sure for how long), they will send you a free sampler and shipping is on them, Good deal!
The out of print 'Putumayo presents best of Reggae' is some killer riddims, much better than the second Putumayo Reggae disc that's in print.

I've explored some others in the catalog, but the first Reggae collection is the terrific-est. Amazon has some used copies.
I have one. The presentation of the whole line is pretty well done. I don't know if the music represents the best any of these countries has to offer. I may buy some other titles though.

Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien.
Ok, so I'm posting non Putumayo world albums to check out...since it's the only world music thread that I can find (I like Putumayo BTW!)...just want to get these out there for general consumption.

New Ancient Strings-Toumani Diabite with Ballake Sissoko (If you like Kora Music)
Songs from a Little Blue House. Juan Carlos Formell
The Soundtrack from Amandla! (South African Freedom Music)
A meeting by the River (Ry Cooder with V.M. Blatt-- an Indian Sitar Player)

These are all classics and nearly 100% sure to please.
I love world music and understand the place samplers have for introducing music to people. However I find Putumayo just doesn't do it for me. I wish I did I like the company and their vibe. Too light and "poppy" to my taste. I like artists on 6 degrees, Luaka Bop, Blue Flame, On-U, Realworld and several other labels a lot more. Samplers I prefer are Trance Planet and Buddah Bar ( although I think BB's are too expensive and own none) There's a lot out there to hear. I use the net to sample before buying although 30-60 second samples help only so much.

Thanks for the recommendations, Honest1, Abdou, and Electroid. Listening to music in different languages and unfamiliar instruments always brings new excitement to music for me. For those who are looking to expand their music collection, World Music is one place to have a listen.

Good luck!
Putumayo has some Latin discs with good Salsas and Cha Chas.
Try Habib Koité - Baro.....
You won't regret this !
Yes, Habib is great. Baro is good... so is the other stuff. Mostly all the same songs on all the albums. Baro is a bit more mellow than other higher energy albums.

Lived in Mali for many years and have seen Habib in Person. Even took him to eat hot dogs once after a concert at Wolf Trap in Washington DC. Great guy. Great music.