Any punk fans care to give some band suggestions?

I was just wondering if anyone here was into to punk (ie Face to Face etc etc). I realize that there might not be to many "fans" out there, but I was looking to find some new bands. My musical tastes are very varied, but I always come back to the punk music scene. Thanks in advance.
Big fan of Talking Heads, Nina Hagen(Mother of Punk indeed), Can, Goz of Kermeur, Buckethead...
I also love jazz punk
I love a good punk album but sound quality will be crap on most of them.

Early AFI, sensefield, alkaline trio, offspring, Nofx, ramones, sublime

If you find some good ones please share.
DRI,GBH, Angry Samoans, Sex Pistols, Clash, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys,Minor Threat, Disorder, Iggy and the Stooges, Agnostic Front, MDC, Meatmen, Husker Du, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains,The Dicks, Redd Kross, The Urinals, FEAR, Black Flag. Just to name a few.
Try youtube to give yourself a taste of this:

Blood circus


Scratch acid
Fugazi. Fugazi. Fugazi. And they have a wonderful progression through their first album (released as "13 Songs" on CD), through their last ("The Argument").

And you can also go back to Minor Threat, if you are particularly enjoying the early stuff.

There is also an awesome archive of live Fugazi shows that is now available on the Dischord Records page.

They are the kings of the DC punk scene and an all around superb band. Bad Brains are another great option from around DC.

Up in Boston, there is Mission of Burma, who have also been putting out some solid releases recently in addition to their great classic stuff.

On the Chicago side of things, check out Naked Raygun, Big Black and Shellac.

West Coast stuff is better known. But for the West Coast, I'd start with Black Flag and Dead Kennedys.
Mostly old school stuff from So Cal:
Bad Religion
Black Flag
Suicidal Tendencies
Minor Threat
Misfits Social D
Circle Jerks
Roscoiii has some great suggestions! I'll add a few....

The Minutemen - start with double nickels and keep going
Husker Du- start with zen arcade
Black Flag - start with first 4 years (pre Rollins and arguably better)
Fugazi x3
The Embarrassment
Mission of Burma x3 start with the classics and then Obliterati.
The Replacements - sorry ma and stink
Talking Heads
Wire - pink flag
Gang of Four - Entertainment
Nomeansno - wrong is the wright place to start (spelling intended)
Hot Snakes - all
The Wipers - start with over the edge and is this real
Drive like Jehu - start with S/T
The Stooges
Velvet Underground
Dead Boys - young, load and snotty
The Damned
The Police - first couple of records
Eater - the album
Television - marquee
Patti Smith
Richard Hell - blank gen

And many more I'm forgetting right now, enjoy the journey!
Here are some good ones

Bad Brains
Birthday Party
The Fall
Sonic Youth
Yeah, good suggestions. The Dead Kennedys are my favorites.
Try Butthole surfers and Pixies too (they are not punk I know, but great bands).
Amebix are good too.... MDC, Raw power, Discharge, The Stupids, SNFU...
Ted Nugent....oh wait, he's just a punk.
All of the above and...

Gas Guffer
Damned (I know I had to mention them again because I think they were one of the best punk bands ever)
And You Will Know Us By The Trail OF Dead
Rocket From The Crypt
Reverend Horton Heat

And yet I am listening to Martha Argerich play Prokofiev while I have my morning coffee.

If it's good it's good!
Sex Pistols
The Vibrators
Social Distortion
Disappointment Inc.
Circle Jerks
Iggy Pop
"Repo Man" soundtrack
Lords of the New Church
The Chameleons (not as hardcore, but a great band nonetheless)
The Damned-Damned, Damned, Damned
The Sex Pistols-Never Mind the Bollocks
The Clash-The Clash
Elvis Costello-My Aim Is True (he was punk)
Ramones- Ramones
try DRI. dirty rotten imbeciles. dealing w/ it is a classic.