Any Programs to Download to make Oppo 83SE and 105D Region Free

I have an Oppo 83SE and Oppo 105D.  Inquiry on any programs to download that I could use to make these two models Region Free.  I only have two dvds (non blu ray) that are English.  It would not pay to get kits that would involve taking these apart.
Try this:

unsupported by OPPO. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

This will make the player region-free for DVDs, but not for Blu-ray.

It is a tiny bit of software that has worked on every OPPO Blu-ray player so far. Some use it (I have not) and find it to be trouble free.

Follow the directions closely. It must be copied to a CD-R, not a burnable DVD. Save the disc because you may need to install it again after a firmware update, although I can't remember the last time I had to do that.

You load the disc, it waits a second then ejects the tray again. That's all: it's done.
Why not just call Oppo and ask for a solution? They are very customer friendly and don't care where you you bought the unit. Sometimes, these quick-fix solutions can do more harm than good.