Any problems with MBL101E speakers

I have a pair of MBL101E speakers. I noticed recently the left channel had a low level distortion only on certain notes. I took off top and inspected. What I found was astounding. The speaker was coming apart from the bottom of the biggest melon. I contacted MBL. Will keep the Audioners inform of the outcome.
If I spent that much money on speakers and ANYTHING was wrong with them,I would be extremely pissed.Do keep us informed.
Thanks - I have also wondered how they manage to dampen these lamellas sufficiently. I'd love to see a waterfall plot...
some pictures will be helpful
Wow, that's disappointing. The MBLs are among my favorite speakers that I have demo'd, including yours and particularly the 101X, and might be my next speaker purchase if I ever move into another house with a larger listening area.

On a side note, what are you running your 101Es with?
To Dyanhenry, I'm running the 101e with a pair of Pass Labs X600