Any problem with Cary SLI-80 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER

I read somewhere here but can not find it anymore.  Someone stated that he had problem with the tube with his SLI-80.  Anyone having same problem.  I was thinking if I am going to buy one, should I buy brand new or used.  If I buy new one and time to resale it then I will lose maybe half of the money but if I buy used then I not going lose much money.  If this one would last for long time with out any problem then maybe worth it to buy used.  Comment please.  
I wouldn't have any more concerns about the Cary SLI-80 than with any other amp. I owned one for a few years and regret selling it. It's extremely well built and I think it's a bargain in the world of tube amps. 

I'm not sure what you mean by a problem with the tube. Which tube? I cycled through at least a dozen configurations of different power and preamp tubes with no issues. 

If you do have any issues, the company is good about assistance with them.
I agree with sfar, tube devices will eventually have problems with the tubes, it's part of the "experience" of tubes.   
The SLI-80 has been produced since 1989 and has stood the test of time.  If the amp is ever need of repair, the point to point wiring makes it easy to work on by most qualified techs.  The only achilles heal that I know of is that over time a coupling cap may fail and take out a tube.  If you buy an older SLI-80 a recap upgrade would be a good idea. 
Thank you everyone for the info.  The problem or issue that the guy wrote I think it was life of the tube is very shot and one other issue but I couldn't remember.  Regarding recap, if the used one is too old then I might do a new one.  But if one come up with 2 yrs old, do I need to recap?  

One other question is that would this SLI-80 would works okay with Sonus Faber Venere 2.5, this speaker is 6 ohms?
No worries with a SLI-80 five years or less.  The Cary has both 4 and 8 ohm impedance switch on the back of the amp. 
brf is right, you might eventually have a coupling cap failure, but that's true of any tube amp and the design of the SLI-80 makes replacing the caps relatively simple and inexpensive.

I disagree with the idea that the life of tubes in an SLI-80 is short. I ran mine for many hours every day for about three years and never had a tube failure or any degradation I could hear or that showed up in testing.

At the same time I owned the SLI-80 I also had a Rogue Cronus integrated. That's a fine sounding amp from a great company but, without any actual evidence to back up the impression, it seemed as if the Cronus was harder on signal tubes than the Cary. Tubes that worked beautifully in the Cary were sometimes microphonic in the Cronus. Again, this is just an impression, no real data to back it up and my experience with service from Rogue was excellent.

I agree with truemaineiac, tubes are just very expensive light bulbs and if you're not willing to deal with fiddling with them occasionally then tube amps aren't for you.

I'm rambling on here but the SLI-80 is one of the nicest pieces of gear I've owned and I don't think you'd regret buying one.
Do do guys think SLI-80 have enough power if I am going to use Triode mode for Sonus Faber Venere 2.5?

I don’t really know the difference between Triode and Ultra-Linear but from my understanding that Triode is better, am I right?
You are not 'right' although a lot of folks seem to prefer it. I'm not one of them. I find that Ultralinear is a little more 'powerful' sounding and Triode is more recessed, power wise and soundstage wise. Ultralinear seems to have more emphasis in the mid-range/upper bass.  That said, overly bright cd's can be improved by using Triode as it seems to roll the highs.

Cary Sli 80 no left channel on aux 1 or 2. Turntable on aux 1, cassette deck on 2. Switching rca give same result. Also cannot turn of left speaker with balance on CD.