Any Problem using Plastic Covers for CD ?

Hi, I am thinking in wrapping all of my "not original" CD´s in plastic envelopes (that kind of envelope usually employed with portable CD cases)instead the rigid jewel boxes, and my question is if this kind of protection can cause any problem (bending i.e.,) resulting in sonic deterioration.
Any of you had problems with it?
How do you normally store your CD´s when they start to grow and grow in number....?

Thanks in advance.
I have been using storage binders for the last four years with no problems whatsoever. When the CD collection topped 1200, it became a no brainer ... use 10 or so binders that will fit on a shelf or two of a bookcase or buy several bookcases. Digipacks mess up this whole equation, but fortunately they are not the norm ... yet.
sometimes in best buy you can acquire megachanger of 400 disks or so or whatever capacity you need for $100 range or even less. good storage and you can use for party as well.
are you referring to the envelopes with the clear window on front? I used those a few times, mostly when transporting data discs from work to home--home to work. The only 2 problems I had were (1) I could not easily fit supporting documents in the envelop (a few of the discs were pic files and I could not fit the card with the pics in the envelope). (2) if you use these remember not to leave them in your car. Unfortunately I did and of course it was in the sunlight and it ruined the disc (the plastic melted onto the disc).

one of the alternatives you can consider for disc storage is something that a few of us in here just came across a few weeks ago called Slappa. They make HardBody cases that enable you to store your discs and covers. I picked up a few and they are the nicest disc storage units I have found. They also helped me save a lot of space in my office. you can find them at

good luck