Any Pro-ject and/or Music Hall table owners out there?

Greetings everyone. Just wanted to get some opinions of either the Pro-ject Ectension tables, 9, 10 or  the higher end Music Hall. Ease of use, reliability, sound, cartridge matching, etc. Thanks and best regards. 

I broke a cartridge lead on my Music Hall MMF-7 and Music Hall would not fix. In fact, I couldn't find anyone who would fix. Vinyl sounds good but turntables are a PITA. 
We've got an Xtension 10 set up here, and it's relatively easy to set up and match cartridges with.

One of the nicer things about the Pro-Ject carbon fibre tonearms is you can adjust azimuth by rotating the actual tonearm. The tonearm adjustments are pretty easy to do by comparison with some other tonearms out there.

It sounds very good, and the electronic speed control works well. The platter does take a bit of time to spin up and down, unlike some tables and motors that have more torque. So that is a negative if you're used to faster use.

Haven't had any reliability issues so far.

Hi, pivetta,

I have a Music Hall mmf-7 (with Pro-Ject 9 aluminum tonearm) that is 11 years old and still running strong. The Pro-Ject tonearms are relatively easy to set up and accommodate a range of cartridges.

If I was upgrading my mmf-7 'table today I'd be looking at the Pro-Ject Xtension line of turntables rather than the dated Music Hall turntables. Just my opinion.