Any PRIMUS fans out there?

Been listening to their new CD and can't get over the skill of Les Claypool. This guy may not be the greatest singer but the ability to sing and play bass the way he does is astonishing.
i love primus and i've seen them live twice. i can't really recommend a particular album to you as i love them all. i suppose my top three not including the newest album would be "frizzle fry", "sailing the seas of cheese", and "pork soda".
I really like the Brown Album and Antipop, although older Primus is good too.

You should check out one of Les' side project .. Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel. Title of the album is "Highball with the Devil". The whole album is pretty crazy.
I saw Primus on the Sailing the seas of Cheese tour, Les
auditioned for Metalica when Cliff died.....not a good fit.
Matchstikman, they were here in Sacramento last month. It was a great show.

Used to see them a lot in the early days...5-10 people in the audience on a Tuesday night in a Berkeley bar, covering Rick James & Rush, sometimes playing the first side of "2112" in its entirety. First time I saw them, a guy named 'Curveball' was the drummer. He was excellent, but Tim "Herb" Alexander was even better. If you're interested, Tim Alexander also plays in a band called Attention Deficit, with bassist Michael Manring & guitarist Alex Skolnick. Phenomenal, jazz/rock band.
I second Boa2's recomendation of Attention Deficit...scary stuff. Also,check out another Claypool side project:
Frog Brigade...
a 2 disc package of live songs where they do the complete Pink Floyd "Animals" album, and it is ass-kicking!, along with a cover of "Thela Hun Ginjeet" by King Crimson, which is also awesome!