Any potential harm in using adhesive CDR labels?

Is there any potential danger in using adhesive CDR labels on CDRs?

1) does it place any additional (dangerous) strain on a CD player;
2) does it in any way degrade the sound quality of the CDR;
3) can the adhesive negatively interact with the CDR?

If no, what labels have you found to work well with an inkjet printer and Nero CD Cover maker?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
Yes. If you clean your CD's, any moisture removes the sticky labels which will flake off inside of your CD player. As with any glue/adhesive, over time it dries out and if there is paper attached it will come loose as well. Also, the paper will dry out . If you want paper and adhesive in your CD player use the stick on CD labels. Writing on them with a permanent marker or just leaving them as they are would probably work best.
Maybe not at (your labels) first, but certainly down the long audio highway. Rodargent is right on. peace, warren
I just write on my Cds. I scan the original album cover and place this inside the jewell case.