Any Pono player owners out there?

Has anyone purchased Neil Young's Pono music player? Share your thoughts and experience so far. The player is now on back order. Thanks.

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I've been (mostly) enjoying Neil's career since Buffalo Springfield, and sympathize with his physical issues and family drama...but...DSD and other nice sounding formats came first, and you have to wonder about Neil's ranting about analog vs. digital and then having a strange triangular un pocket friendly little player made for whatever the hell Pono is supposed to's a strange movie...making a scratchy recording in (self described "bluesman") Jack White's restored "phone booth" crappy antique recording system...dumping his long suffering wife for Daryl Hannah...refusing to make nice with Crosby et al, Neil...Neil...sometimes edgy becomes creepy, and irrelevant. Perhaps it's time to fill the Lincoln with french fry oil and drive away...