Any polk fans?

I recently acquired some RT 5s for a small room application...and was pleasantly surprised with their mellow, laid back sound...other than the LSi series...what other series would be a substantial upgrade...Rti 38?...believe theRt 5 was entry level late 90s era...Fwiw...Stereophile class D...looking for a more nuetral presentation...ate vintage 80s polk more or
Less colored?
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LSi and RTi series. After that, forget it. My opinion.
Haha...I tend to agree...Polks RT don't really excel at things audiophiles crave...transparency, speed,detail, their worst they can sound dark and their best smooth and non-fatiguing...I found their imaging and soundstaging to be about average for their price range...nothing remarkable but highly put things in perspective...I have some early 90s Infinity Reference Twos which were at the same price point...and even with the polarizing polycell tweeter...are a far more open, detailed, and engaging speaker...a bit ragged on vocals...which brings back the Polks secret...they really don't do anything fundamentally wrong...
Stereophile just gave high marks to the RTI A3 and also the LSIM 703 book shelf speakers. They both are considered "recommended" at their price points when compared to other speakers in those price ranges.

Also read a review from that magazine on the RTI A1 and they also give that a thumbs up.
Correction- after listening to PF WUWHere...I have to concur with Stereophile...the imaging qualities of this speaker is rather special...the L-R panning on many tracks came across with precision, speed, and focus...polk has no snob appeal...and is not found in hi end boutique stores...but for a mainstream company...they do offer value, build quality, borderline audiophile sound
I used to own the RTiA3s - nice bookshelf. Good imaging, spacious soundstaging, and sparkle on top that I like for low to mid level listening.

I've moved on - but if someone is considering bookshelves and has a limited budget, you can find some decent values for these.

Oh - still have the RTi4s for my surrounds - great deal.
a friend owned a big pair in college in early 80's.they rocked but kept blowing up his luxman amp as the impedenc dipped so low...and he had the big 70 watt luxman. back then luxman made great gear. but as good as they make them they may never elevate in minds to audiophile crowd considerations.