Any pinnacle-quality SS unbalanced gear out there?

Rowland, Gamut, Pass...they're all balanced. (Why did these companies and others choose to go balanced; could it be just to facilitate longer ic runs?)
Anyhow, I'm looking for electronics in their league, but seeking to avoid exchange of my three pair of excellent single-ended ics. Suggestions??? (I know about Classé and conrad-johnson already, btw). Thanks.
Blue Circle gear is among the best I've heard and use single ended IC in their line.
Definitely a second vote for Blue Circle - will easily compete with the gear you mentioned.
I'm not positive about all of them, but I am pretty sure that at least the Rowland has both balanced and unbalanced inputs. I am positive that the Classe units have both inputs on all of their power amps, from atleast the CA 200 to the Omegas.
BTW, the reason for balanced design is not, primarily at least, for longer runs but for lower distortion.
The SimAudio Moon amps have both balanced and unbalanced inputs and sound great, better IMHO than some of the makes mentioned above.
Actually, there are many amplifiers on the market with unbalanced inputs. The Monarchys can be added to the list. Go with any amp mentioned in this thread and you will be in very good shape (assuming power requirements are met).
Accuphase components are available in either iteration, but I went with the unbalanced myself (because all of my ancilliary components & cabling are unbalanced) & this equipment can definitely compete. Probably wouldn't mix this with Burmester or Boulder, but their higher priced (balanced) offerings would even fit in there as well. Accuphase equipment is excellent & amazing.