Any Piega p 10 users out there?

I own a pair of P10's and have been changing equiptment frequently. Anyone found a great matchup for these? Tubes or solid state? Which sounds better to your ears? Thanks.
Regards, kale
Dear Kale

I have p8 ltds (due to size limitations). I have them hooked up to the musical fidelity nuvista integrated amp and the sound is spectacular. I think that the combination of tube preamp and solid state output matches well. The price is also reasonable but it may be tough to come by one - though I have seen a few up for sale on audiogon. A friend compared his audioresearch and the result wasn't even close, he bought the nuvista. I know a friend who has put in the tenor amps 75i and loves them but they retail for about 4 times what my electronics do. Hope this is of help. If I can be of help drop me a note

Thanks,Gary. Right now i have a Rowland model 10, which i love. But i am intrigued by this Berning tube amplifier. It has received a lot of positive reviews here on agon. Anybody heard this combo?
I was told that your Rowland should do just fine. I had a Pass X-150 with my P-10's initially and was just never satisfied. I traded for a MBL and it has made all the difference in the world. That amp with the P-10's is just right. Contact Ted at High End Audio. He is wonderful to work with in upgrading.
streetdaddy...i have p10s and have them powered by tenor 75wi amps.i had them initially biamped woth aloia 13.01 inductive powered amps which was a very good match but the tenors are in a class by themselves.otls are a great match.i also am using a placette passive remote control preamp with them.
I used a pair of Klimax for my P8 Ltd, sounds refine, liquid and airy. Bass is fast with good dynamic. Make sure the ribbons need around 6 months to reach is optimum working ocndition. I used a tuner for 24 hrs non-stop running at low level.
Great speakers Kale!!!

I love the Tenor's on them (which I am a dealer for), but if funds are limited, I would highly suggest a pair of Atma-sphere M60's or MA-1's. A true OTL works exquisitely well with the Piega's. You might contact Duke at AudioKinesis as he is one of the nicest Atma-sphere dealers I know.

What do you feel is lacking in your system with the Rowland's?
The Piega's definitely need some power. I was using aloia's biamped and changed to the Aloia 150I which are double the power and it made an very BIG difference especially in the bass and lower mids. Check with Piega. They prefer burmester,classe,aloia and a few other german companies.

Any opinions on how the Bel Canto EVO 200.2 might sound on them, especially if paired with a nice tube preamp? What about running two of them as mono blocks?
Waltersalas: As a dealer for both products, you would have no problem driving the P10's with the bel canto EVo 200.2. Monoblock bel canto's would be unnecessary. A nice tube preamp would be a worthwhile addition.

Good choices!

Thanks for the reply, Jtinn. Would anyone care to sound off on the sonic differences between the P10 and P8? One would assume the P10 just does more of the same type of thing the P8 does (more resolving, better bass extension, etc.), but is the difference incremental or significant? Perhaps it is significantly incremental.

Also, how about the P8 Ltd? I have read that it is VERY close to the P10. True or false?

Thanks for this thread. I think a lot of people would be interested in learning more about this line of speakers.
I do not have the p10's nor heard them but I do have the p8 ltd and am delighted with them. My choice was based largely on the size of speaker,ie why I excluded the p10s. The big difference in talking to the dealer is the slightly deeper base and the rear firing tweeter (a second one) which is not important in a bright room. The limited group are more 'careuflly' constructed although with piega I find that tough to believe (perhaps I should say they are better reinforced and use better crossovers) and they are very carefully matched. The finish is really amazing, the best I have seen on a loudspeaker. A number of friends on the net have the p10 and have listened to both and say they are very close indeed. If size is an issue the p8ltd are small in appearance and huge in sound and visually very appealing. If price were an issue the p10 start cheaper but can get slightly more expensive with all the extra trim. If you have any questions on the p8ltd drop me a note, 2 other friends have bought them after listening to mine.
I just finished setting up a system in Southwest Florida for audition purposes with p8 ltd due to room size.The main difference is the ability of the larger speaker to fill a larger space.A writer for a major audiophile mag. just purchased the 8ltd, for this exact reason ,and uses them as his reference.If you require smaller size and have a room smaller than 12 by 15 it may be the perfect speaker.Don't misunderstand though the showroom in Sanibel is 15 by 30+ with vaulted ceiling, yet we are using one end of the room and the sound is outrageous.The inner detail and smoothness of the 2 speakers is the same and there is slightly more low bass,a few notes only,not different in sound volume and balance.I hope this helps some.
classical music listeners?
I could never afford the 10's....but I've wondered if the Piega's can handle orchestral, piano and most especially violins so they aren't migraine inducing.
Dear Allegro

I can't speak for the p10's but the very similar p8ltd does a fabulous job on piano (classical or jazz). I can say with some certainty as I have a baby grand in the same room so I can compare live and recorded (though I have to have a friend play, my skills being limited). You can really tell that the piano is a percussion instrument - ie keys striking strings. I love it for violin, it is quite accurate but certainly non-fatiguing. Full orchestra it is excellent with one exception, the speaker is such a size that its sound stage just isn't as large as some very big speakers I've heard - eg. avantgarde duo's but the sound is still very pleasant.

your response was helpful....
I've already heard ribbons I like...but I want to be as sure as I can on this purchase...
I think the final test for me is violins....
Allegro12: I assure you the sound of violins on the P10's is exceptional. One piece that comes to mind is Haydn's Opus 76 performed by Quatuor Msaiques. The timberal accuracy is amazing as well as the inner detail and texture of the instruments.

The caveat with these speakers is the break-in. I really was excited by them upon the first few seconds of listening, however, until there were appoximately 600+ hours on them, there was slight fatigue. Once they are fully broken in, the sound is natural and heavenly.

If you do not have a local dealer, I may be able to setup an audition for you. Let me know if I can help.
JTinn.....600 hours! Well....with my present speakers I figure I've had fatigue for 2 what's another
6 months....I heard a speaker last month that I loved except for a *tinge* of concern...I need to know if it can be bettered....
Price-wise the P5's would be my limited (actually it's stretching my limit) and I've got this douzy of a room...
think the 5's could work?
The p5 ltd is very much like a p-10 or p-8 limited in as much as they produce the same musical magic in a different look.The mid ribbon and tweeter are the same but the speaker has the metal look to conform to a ultra moderm environment.Very careful matching of components and drivers,WBT input terminals and the same switching for bass and mid treble make the speaker super room friendly.It also presents a nice look being 5.5 ft in height and providing a small footprint.It comes with a special stand if you want to make it more secure for more playful environs, say with pets or children.Ask Johnathan about the review samples which will be available in a month or so.Hope this helps. You may now hear the speaker in Southwest Florida and central California.There will be a show in conjunction with the Greensboro N.C. newspaper to feature all Piega in a dvd-a system for a piece in the paper in mid May.Hope these locations help you hear our speakers.Sanibel Sound

Hey Sanibelsound,

Can you tell us where the show in Greensboro will be, and where exactly? I live in North Carolina and might be able to go down for it. Is there a Piega dealer in North Carolina?
The seminar will be as follows.On Saturday the 25th of May at 1:00pm it will open to highlite the article from the previous week in the Greensboro newspaper written by Jerry Wolford.It will feature a system compiled by Sanibel Sound consisting of Piega Loudspeakers in two configurations.At present we are planning to show P-5 ltd front and rear with subwoofer and center also by Piega.It may include side speakers so we can use some dedicated 6 channel recordings.Amplification will be Chapter Audio,Aloia and AVM with line treatment by Fisch,Audio Tekne ,and Goldmund.Cables by Piega , Audio Tekne ,and Goldmund.
As an alternate system we plan a cost no object 2 channel system shown in the U.S. for the first time.Also as a show highlite Jeff Fritz of "SoundStage" will give a extended talk on multichannel audio at 3:30 pm.This entire event is completly open to the public and we hope for great attendence.Please come early so you can audition both systems and have a good seat for the Q&A.The author of the article will also speak and there will be plenty of interesting software and equipment to ensure a truly interesting Audiophile experience.
The first session will close at 5:00 pm and we will break for an hour for dinner.At 6:00 until we will again show both systems and have a general social evening again open to the public but also consisting of existing customers of several Sanibel dealers who will receive mailings for the event.
The event takes place at the Sheraton at Four Seasons off of interstate 40.We will give directions and the specific room locations in future postings on numerous websites and zines.You may also call 18005316886 for more information.
I should also mention that the 2 channel system is pure tube heaven for all the bottleheads to enjoy.Please try to attend we look foward to meeting everyone.
Sanibel Sound