Any paypal alternatives that are good ?

Are there any other online sending and receiving payment plans other than paypal that you have personal experiences with ? Also any that we should avoid ? I have read many complaints and visited the sites that bash and/or alert people to the woes of paypal. I am not looking for you to respond to liking paypal - if you do like them - that's OK - just want to know alternatives besides money orders, etc...
Yahoo Paydirect, BidPay/Western Union are 2 additional ones I use. I've been using PayPal since it's inception. The original plan was(I beleive) to have businesses using the service to foot the cost of doing business as well as their profit. So basically it would be free to casual users. It does seem to have become over-complicated and burdensome from a user's standpoint since ePay bought them. As far as fees go.....even my bank charges me to handle my money. So if i don't like that fact, then just don't use the service. Use cash instead.
When the deals start going over say $2000.00 I try to do a bank to bank wire transfer. My bank charges me something like $20.00. They route the money through the federal reserve so when you get it, it ain't going back :^) I've done this internationally too, with favorable results. Usually takes a couple of hours to complete a transfer.