Any Paradigm CC290 owners?

I would like your opinion on the 290. I not so sure about the 4.5 inch midrange.

I have Monitor 7's V3 with a sub. Currently using an LCR450 as a center. The 450 is a two way with an aluminum tweeter and two 6.5 inch mid/woofers in a sealed cabinet. Not a timbre match.

The 290 is a timbre match.

I know you should go with a timbre match across the front. The 290 is a 3 way with 4 drivers. I like the wide presentation of the 450. Concerned about the 290 not being as wide with the 4.5 inch mid.

450 Specs
*Design Center Channel: 3 driver, 2-way, video shielded Crossover 4rd order electro acoustic at 1.5kHz High Frequency Driver 25mm PAL pure-aluminum dome, diecast heatsink chassis, ferro-fluid cooled Bass/Midrange Driver Two 170mm, MLP mica-polymer cone, AVS diecast heatsink chassis, 25mm voice-coil Low Frequency Extension 45Hz (DIN)* Frequency Response On-Axis (0) 2dB from 70Hz-22kHz / Off-Axis (30) 2dB from 70Hz-20kHz Sensitivity: Room / Anechoic 90dB / 87dB

290 Specs
I have not been able to find the specs for the version 3.

Opinions welcome.
If the 290 is a timbre match and your 450 is not, why not put a 290 there and be happy? FWIW, I use a CC-350 as the center with Gallo Dues as the Fronts and it sounds pretty good to me...