Any owners of a Unison Research S8 integrated ?

Would like to hear some of your thoughts on this Italian creation.

The Amp has plenty of power for an SET and I enjoyed it but it is not the last word in transparency. It has a rather big romantic sound.

I do agree with your comments; I owned one too and was curious to get others opinion and see if it match my is quite powerful with a big 3D sound,the top end seems fine to me and yes it is on the warm side of things.

also quite dynamic with good bass.

I would need to take it to my friend and compare the sonics to his smarts 845 which are very open sonically.

what tubes do you use with it?

Hi. I am now using 2 Amperex 7316 and a Raytheon 5814. Another setup is 2 Radio Technique 5814 and 1 Mullard CV4003.

What power cord are u using?

Hi calvin,

I am using a audioquest powercord of some type but I am not a great believer of them as I tried many different brands from my friends and never found significant improvement sonically unlike IC or speaker cables.

the tubes are using are sometimes mullard cv 4003 and rca cleartops.

tried this compares to your tube set up?

thinking of selling it due to the heat the S8 produces,just gets to hot in my room despite the fans blowing (I live in hawaii/rainy mountain side).

If you prefer music with (female) voices like Sara K. or instrumental music like Rabih Abou-Khalil: there is no other amplifier under 10K$, which sounds better. You can hear details, which cannot be found listening with other amps.

I have sold the S8 about a year ago and I must admit I still refer to it as the best most realistic sonics I've ever heard.

guess I still miss it though I got a nice system now just not that magic midrange that really got me begging a whole lot.

my system now has other strenths and feel realistic too but not that same vivid,here in your room feel.

who knows I may go back to it someday.

Very good amp for the price and far above! I have used it whit the jm lab mini utopias for a while in a 30 m2 room and it was trafic! Change the input tubes to telefunken or mullard depending your match and tastes...