Any others like L. Kottke Clone CD?

Wow. Just picked this CD up at the local Tower store and it is incredible. Are their other artists or recordings similiar to this with outstanding music and sonics?
Try John Fahey. I haven't heard this particular Leo Kottke so I can't comment on the recording quality, but Fahey is the guy who started it all. Try to find some of his early recordings on the Takoma label to sample his genius. Kottke ain't bad but Fahey is in a league of his own.
John Fahey is an outstanding musician and I would second that recommendation, although you should keep in mind that he travelled ALL over the map musically. Some of his more recent projects bordered on musique-concrete even. Do a little research on his discography first, but definitely dig in to it. It was, I think, Rhino that put out an excellent two-disc anthology which would be a great starting point. If you like Fahey you could even travel a little farther out on the limb by checking out Robbie Basho, another cohort of the Fahey/Kottke camp. A few other musicians that come to mind who may fit loosely within the genre(s) that Kottke resides in are Sandy Bull, Davy Graham, and Wizz Jones.
Haven't picked up Clone yet, Kottke's One Guitar No Vocals is one of his best. Sylvain Luc's SUD discs, Jack West's Big Ideas, or Richard Johnson's Creatures of Habit (this one may be hard to find) are musically superb and are great recordings too.