Any other vinyl as quiet as ECM?

I've always been a fan of ECM records...starting when I discovered Pat Metheny in 1979.

All the ECM vinyl I own is extremely quiet with a silky black background.

Are there any other labels with consistently high quality pressings? I'm particularly interested in focusing on original pressings rather than modern re-issues.
Concord is very much the equal of ECM and maybe is a tad better. Very full and rich but not syrupy. Detailed but not edgy. All my Concords sound great--Joe Pass, Herb Ellis and Barney Kessel, The L.A. Four, Woody Herman, Ross Tomkins All-Stars, etc.

Most of my Verve and Pablo pressings are of high quality. On the used market it may be a different story because so much of the jazz on these labels was so good that the records were played a lot.
Just to say that after 15 years ECM is finally back into vinyl! Enrico Rava and Jarrett/Peacock/DeJohnette are released and available for order now plus some will be re-released (next is my favourite Arvo Pärt). Great news and I hope this continues, especially with regard to the releases that have not been released on vinyl during those 15 years. Thought of sharing the joy, even though does not exactly follow the request.
ECM back into vinyl, wow!
TVAD: if you have not heard Metheny on ECM German Imported pressings... THESE are the one's to get.
Contemporaneous with '80s ECM, some of the best avant garde jazz both sonically and artistically was on Soul Note, Pablo & Black Saint. Guys like Jimmy Guiffre, David Murray, Paul Bley, Art Farmer, Billy Bang, Anthony Braxton, Leroy Jenkins. Not very expensive at a good used record store.
02-07-09: Xiekitchen
ECM back into vinyl, wow!
TVAD: if you have not heard Metheny on ECM German Imported pressings... THESE are the one's to get.
I have most of the Metheny ECMs and the sonics are excellent. I discovered Metheny via Gary Burton, as I'd been a Burton fan since 1968 and really took note when Burton moved from Atlantic to ECM, and then when Metheny joined Burton's quartet. Burton's ECM albums also sound great, as do the ones from guitarists John Abercrombie and Ralph Towner.
I recently picked up a used copy of Jack DeJohnette's "Works" on ECM. Just phenomenal!

I have found that almost all of the used ECM vinyl I have purchased has been exceptionally quiet as long as a visual inspection does not show any scratches or scuffs. I cannot say the same for other record companies' releases.

A couple people have mentioned Pablo, so I'll certainly look for that label, as well as the others mentioned here.

Thanks everyone.
Every Pablo I have ever bought, all of them used, has sounded fantastic. Just about every Verve, too. And of course, the Blue Notes, but I almost never get any opportunities to pick one of those up in my area.
I have plenty of used Verve that sound like crap.
02-07-09: Tvad
I have plenty of used Verve that sound like crap.
The problem with Verve is the same as the problem with finding used Ray Charles, James Brown, or Jimi Hendrix albums in great shape. People played them long and hard.

Verve reaches back to the '50s and had so many great artists--Gene Krupa, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, etc.. Pablo is really the same idea by the same guy (Norm Granz), but it was started in the '70s so the legendary artists are older while the recording technology and albums are newer, and more of them are in great shape. Both Verve and Pablo records were well engineered, mastered, and pressed. Verves would have been recorded with tube equipment, so they're warmer and fatter and more are in mono. Some don't have the frequency extension and clarity that the Pablos do.

I lucked into DJ Verve copies of Ella and Louis parts I and II and Buddy Rich, "The Monster." As DJ copies they were in white inner sleeves with no jackets, totally unplayed new old stock. They are definitely gems in my collection, sonically and musically.
You're right about the Verve LPs being older and being played more often.
02-07-09: Xiekitchen
ECM back into vinyl, wow!
TVAD: if you have not heard Metheny on ECM German Imported pressings... THESE are the one's to get.

I agree with you. My German ECMs are probably the most quiet pressings I have. My faves there are by Steve Tibbetts. I have quite a few US ECMs cut by Bob Ludwig which are also a nice treat.

My only negative about ECM is I wish Manfred Eicher went with a little less reverb. Those albums sound great even if the speakers are not set up properly, but if you are set up for stereo and in the sweet spot, the reverb can be a little overdone. Still I love them.
I LOVE Steve Tibbitts.. I wish I could find "Northern Song" on German import ECM.. I have the other titles "Safe Journey" and the third one (forgot the title) on German ECM and sound is superb.
Yesterday I was playing a few ECMs and Concords back-to-back.

My preliminary conclusion: Yes, the ECMs are amazingly quiet, but the Concords are amazingly dynamic. They sound the most like direct-to-disc recordings even though they were tape-based.

Great artists as well--Joe Pass and Barney Kessel, Woody Herman, the L.A. Four (Shelley Manne, Laurinda Almeida, Ray Brown, Bud Shank), Charlie Byrd, etc.
I'll look for some Concord. I'm awaiting delivery of a Joe Pass solo recording on Pablo.
Concord Jazz LP's are excellent, but if you like their musicians don't overlook their CD's of recordings originally appearing on vinyl, they are excellent as well. And I like many in their stable of performers even though they don't have the national status of the 'famous'. FWIW.