Any other Paradigm Studio 100v3 owners out there?

I just picked up a broken in demo pair from the same dealer that sold me his first pair of v1's 7 years ago while I was in college. Since that day I've owned some fairly expensive stuff including NHT 3.3's and Genesis APM-1's and I can honestly say that these speakers compete with anything that I've personally used. They are truly spectacular. I'm supplementing them with an HSU vtf-3 crossed over very low and I'm really happy with the sound. What an exceptional value Paradigm speakers are.
Can you describe us the differences between the V1 and V3??I still have the V1...
I'm afraid it's been way to long since I've heard/had the V1's to accurately suggest what the aural differences may be. I can tell you that the midrange on the new speakers is really great, and that the highs and lows seem to be very extended.

Build-wise, I've heard folks complain about the fact that the v3's aren't available in veneer and have subsequently lost some weight. But I have to tell you that the new drivers look to be among the best I've ever seen in this price range. The tradeoff seems fair.
Hi! I owned V.2 and now have 100 V.3 along with 20 V.3 and CC 470 V.3. I feel that V.3 is an improvement over V.2- less bloated and better defined bass, better midrange. The overall sound is more coherent and less overpowered by bass. I'm still dealing with my room acoustical problems (some bass peaks, etc.), so my impressions are probably not entirely accurate. I can only attest to the difference b/w V.2 and V.3. Regarding the build quality, I don't think it suffered a bit. The cabinets are just physically smaller, hence the the "weight loss".