Any other Nicolette Larson fans out there?

Does anyone know if her albums were ever released on MoFi or any other high end recording? I wish she was still with us today.

I didn't realize she had passed, what happened? What a voice and beautiful lady. I have never seen any audiophile releases of her music. But she had the voice and style to warrant it.
Is she no longer with us or just decided to retire? Your post sounds a bit morbid? She sure has (had?) a great voice. I have her original release material but am unaware of any re-releases or premium pressings.
She died several years ago. Cancer.
What a tremendous loss. Maybe she and Eva Cassidy are singing with golden harp accompaniment. That would be heaven!
She lived down the street from me in Venice CA. Used to run into her at Alan's market and at the Brigg on Abbot Kinney. Very nice person, sweet voice. She passed a number of years ago. A great loss.
For a trip down memory lane, dust off your copy of Neil Young's LP Comes a Time. She's there!
I am a long-time fan, also. Nicolette sings on quite a few of the songs on Neil Young's Harvest Moon album, too. "You and Me" is one of my favorites on it.
Has Eva Cassidy died?!!!
Pops - Eva passed away back in November 1996. I believe much of her "success" has been since her passing. Truly a great loss and a "pure" talent if there ever was one...
Thanks Rgd - you are so right.
I always wondered, was that Nicolette on stage with Jeff Beck in the bar scene in the movie Twins?? Cheers
I saw her as a back up singer for a guy in the mid 70's. You had to feel bad for this guy headling the act..I don't even remember his name now.. she came out on stage barefooted and stole the show.. she was that good. She had it all in my opinion- it was amazing to see such a big, beautiful voice come from such a petite person.