Any other MJ Acoustics owners out there?

I just bought a reference 100 mkII and really am digging it. So I was wondering how many people here use MJ subs and your thoughts...
I don't own one but I've been very on the fence about getting an MJ sub instead of a REL. The remote seems to be a useful feature but I worreid but resell value and factory support in the US. Can you offer any thoughts on why you're digging it ?
I'm digging it because its fast and musical. It adds just the right amount of bass without drawing attention to itself. The sub is very useful to once you learn how too use it.
After careful research and much waiting to see what would become available used, i settled on a pair of new ref 200's. They're on their way and when they get here i'll come back to this thread and give you my opinion. i chose them beacause of all the favorable reviews and comparisons to REL, which are supposed to blend well with Soundlab stats.
Brimac and Tri, I've had my Ref200s for a few months now and they are great match with the WBenesch Arcs. They do disappear with the music. One thing I did notice is that with a stereo pair, I do get a Phatom center for bass, especially with the last cables upgrade. Amazing.

Brimac, when you get your 200s, they will sound good but you will have to upgrade all of the cables$ Give me an email or post for any suggestions.
Well, the ref 200's are in the system now and I'm more than just a little impressed. The soundstage has expanded in every direction and instruments are better defined, almost as if they have more space to themselves. Contrary to previous experiences with lesser subs, the Ref 200's have brought more definition and air to the mids and highs, rather than the muddiness people have come to expect from subs.

Elducsesol, you've had success with alternate cabling? Are you using the Speakon connector? i found the differences between the speakon and the rca to be night and day.

i had some people over last night and all they could say was 'oh my, listen to that'. Nice endorsement!
Brimac, nice to hear that the MJs are working out for you. A pair of Ref200s is the way to go.

Back to your question to using alternate cables than the ones that came with the subs. For one thing I did not care for the Speakon cable that came with the subs. The bass was there but did not have any life too it. Fortunatley I had an extra set of Cardas Crosslink speaker cables not in use with bananas on the amp end. As you can figure out, I cut the speaker ends off the Cardas's and put the Speakon connector on them. Let me tell you, ever see the Maxell ad with the guy sitting in the chair with his hair being blown away. Thats the result I got. Clean, tight, forcefull, tunable bass. With stereo subs thats what makes really worth it. As per the power cord, again I had a spare pair of Van den Huls that I put in with the subs the day I got them.

For even better bass$, now I am using the Synergistic PhaseII Speakon for the high level input and a set of Synergy for the low level. Have the low level set around 20, high level at 45, tweak the volumes, program the remotes and you are good to go. I ended up putting the remote eyes under the main amp so I can use one remote to control both subs at the same time. If you need an extender, go to Radio Shack.

Glad they are working out for you and as they break in, it will get better.
I have an MJ Acoustics REF100 sub and have used it with my Dynaudio Focus Monitors and Floorstanders and they are incredibly seemless and musical. I have been buying and selling subs over the years looking for a musical one that will integrate perfectly and make my speakers sound twice as large. My search is over with the MJ Acoustics REF 100 subwoofer. It even makes my strong and clear Dynaudio 220 floorstanders sound weak and small without them.
I'm looking for a sub to match with my Dynaudio Focus 220's, and am considering an MJ. The sub will be placed in a corner and I'll be doing about 30% home theater. Any thoughts on which model, and how it would perform for HT? My room is 17x21x8 feet.