Any Other Low Output MI Cartridges Out There?

Does anyone know of any other low output moving iron cartridges besides the new Soundsmith Sussurro? I was thinking Grado made some, but I may be wrong.
Dear Slowhand: That design idea was developed many years ago by Stanton/Pickering. You can find these kind of cartridges through the web, second hand of course.

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Btw, the Stanton/Pickering are medium/high compliance cartridges against the SS low compliance one.

I used Stanton for years, never heard that they were moving iron. B&O were the most famous makers and apparently still are.

Bang & Olufsen MMC Phono Cartridges

The B&O MMC cartridge is a sterling example of Bang & Olufsen's pursuit and execution of superior design and engineering. "MMC" stands for Moving Micro-Cross, a design principle that integrated all of the cartridge components - coils, magnet, cantilever, and stylus and which became the patented moving-iron principle upon which all B&O cartridges were based. The MMC moving-iron cartridge is designed to produce the finest groove separation and accurate reproduction of music.
I was thinking Grado made some, but I may be wrong.

No, you were right. The five different cartridges in their Statement series are all moving iron's, with 0.5 mv output.

-- Al
Dear Stanwal: Stanton made MM and MI cartridges.

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