Any other Agon Love for UFO?

Was listening to UFO- (Phenomenon) today. Got me thinkin’

Obviously, musical taste is very personal but I am surprised this band is not more well know and appreciated. I’ve had a pretty extensive listening and music network for many decades and I’ve NEVER met anyone else that knows this band more than casually...let alone owns their music.

Yes, I know they have sold millions of albums and mine is an admittedly limited sample... I get that...but they are strangely missing from many’s list.

They have all of the elements of what make their genre successful ...starting with Phil Moog, an incredible lead/ voice...good songwriting (Spirited at times, but, not many lurid references just for the sake of it ; ), the occasional presence of Michael Schenker, they were a great live show, etc. etc.

Look, I don’t start a lot of threads like this..... But, it is shocking to me that this band is not more well known/popular. I feel that they are some of the very very best at what they did/do.

What are your thoughts/experience?

P.S. I truly feel that Strangers in the Night is one of the  best live rock albums ever created. OMG Rock Bottom will burn the house down if you are not careful ; )

I was a big fan back in the day. And I still listen to my UFO LPs occasionally today. They were a great rock band in their time.
BTW, do a search of this site for "UFO" and you'll see many mentions of them in the music forums.
Was a big UFO fan back in the day. Michael Schenker was my guitar hero. Have some albums with and without MS. Great live show. Maybe I'll break out some old vinyl now!
Michael Schenker is one of the post Zeppelin-metal gods, before EVH and the 80's shred thing.

After "Obsession" and MS leaving UFO, the changing rock scene was catching my attention.

My Lights Out LP  from 1977 STILL gets played now and then. Any teenaged kid learning to play guitar I knew had that album. IMO it is UFO's  Sargent Pepper or Exile on Main Street.

Their cover of the great Love tune "Alone Again or " is a favorite.

UFO forever!

UFO is one of my all-time favorite bands.  I saw them with the "classic" lineup back in the day and it was one of the best shows I've been to.  After Michael Schenker and Pete Way left, they were not the same.  Agree that Strangers in the Night is one of the best live albums ever.  Love to Love is my personal favorite.  They are still putting out albums and they are pretty good.  
UFO, along with Budgie, are now sadly neglected as the musical tastes of today's youth shifted to rap and hip hop. Both bands still remain outstanding examples of guitar-driven hard rock! 
I've only recently become acquainted but really like them. I'm a Rush / Floyd kind of guy and UFO is a little heavier than my taste run but I've really been digging them. Michael Schenker is a revelation and has joined my axe gods HOF. As a previous poster mentioned I love Love to Love.
"UFO, along with Budgie...."

If you were a British R&R band coming up after Cream, Zeppelin etc..., what on earth could you do? ROCK HARDER!
Quite heavy for 1973. 3 guys-guitar, bass and drums=WOW!

This is RUSH and everyone else in the later half of the 70's and beyond.

Thanks for the reminder...Will have to revisit the UFO albums I bought during some rather ‘hazy” times that are mostly lost to my memory.  I know I’ve got copies of “Force It” and “Obsession” somewhere as well as the live album which were all car-cassette-player staples during the trailing end of the 70s (??).  Seems like there was an instrumental on one of them called “Between the Walls” that I really connected with....Wished it went on for an entire album side.  A friend who played guitar turned me on to UFO.  Similar story w/Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush about the same time.

only one of the most influential rock bands in history.

   Each album is amazing in its own right, either, guitar, vocals, lyrics, groove, rock, jamming. Essentially, they did no wrong.
  The vinnie Moore stuff is amazing.
own every album! 
 Every album is good!
lg1....thanks for the tip...researched your Between the Walls mention...although I am fairly experienced with UFO...did not have/hear Force it... only some of the live versions of those songs on Strangers and otherwise.  

Thank you...will be doing a deep dive on this ...
Just thought I'd drop by...

Picked up a clean copy of "Force It". Didn't have this album when it was new, I came aboard during "Lights Out" coincidentally during the time I got an electric guitar.

What a great album. A wiki study says the US cover is censored compared to the Euro. Anyone have the "banned " press? 

Does anyone else think young Michael Schenker looked like one of his guitar heroes? On the back of the album is a pic, and during this period and other pics I've seen, he looks and had a stance like the great Johnny Winter! Pics of him with his blond hair covering his face and him playing in certain positions make him a Johnny stunt double!  Funny thing about Michael is he isn't a blues guy, though his virtuoso has blues DNA all thru it.

For UFO Michael Schenker freaks
I think Michael is one of the few 66 year old's that can pull of that "look". He is still an amazing "original shredder". I think EVH was a fan. 

@2:00 Do you know T-Bone Walker? Michael-  I like Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page...they got influenced by that guy. Classic.

UFO LP's are great sounding by the way-solid drumming and bass, Phil Mogg sounds great and Michaels guitar are all there. I will be listening to UFO till I can't no mo.