Any opinons on McIntosh 7084 tuner?

Any info would be appreciative including manufacturing years it was made. Thanks, Steve
It was sold beginning in 1995 - search the history of Mcintosh via Roger Russell or for more on it.
I own one and do not like it. It does not pull in distant stations like my McIntosh MR500 does. I believe it would be fine for anyone who listens to close stations or high wattage stations. Or any area with alot of close stations. But to me it is a piece of electronic junk. I listen to weak FM and distant stations. Do not have outside attenna though. Older McIntosh tuners are better.
I've owned one and the only reason I did was because it matched my other Mac stuff. My older 78 was far better in every respect including looks. I'm sorry I let it go - it was mint, one owner,etc.
The 84 is a digital tuner.Analogue tuners are far superior.
I agree with Sal. I was in the market for a new tuner and considered buying a used 7084 because it is remote controllable via my C15 preamp. I had heard one a year or so and thought it sounded very good. Long story short,I passed on it because it had a lamp out ($150 Repair). I looked at many nice tuners : NAD S400,Classe CT10 ,Mac MR 85,Perraux,and Magnum Dynalab. I kept going back to the Magnum Dynalab MD 90. It is an analog tuner that in my opinion is superior to any tuner I've ever heard. I bought one and a ST 2 antennea and love it . It pulls in stations I never knew exsisted. I never thought FM could be this good. If you shop around you can find one new for what you'd pay for a used 7084. It is a purchase you won't reget. Good luck
It sounds great but does not have the capability (specs) of the previous Mc tuners - even the other digital ones. If you have local stations you want to listen to now and then, it is a fine sounding tuner. It was also less costly than the previous generation ones. In all regards, I would definately have a good outside antenna before judging a tuner (otherwise it's kind of like judging a symphony conductor with his hands tied).