Any Opinios on Genesis II.5

When where this speakers made?
How is it constructed; aktiv amp driving subs, ribbons etc?

How does the sound compare to more modern speakers?

is 7000USD to much? What was the price new?

Thanks in advance
check stereophile online archives for a review believe its still available
I have a copy of the 6 page Stereophile review of Jan 1995 by Robert Harley. I can post or fax if you wish, or can give answers from info provided in review. I almost bought some a year ago, but backed off for no specific reason other than cost--they were around US$7000 ($11000 Australian). Cost US$22000 new in 1995. They are great speakers made in USA, especially for large complex mucical pieces eg. classical, jazz, and can certainly rock. They, and most other Genesis speakers, have excellent tight, fast, low (20Hz) bass-in fact the II.5 has bass to die for. Can be considered a little dry in the midrange but very dynamic and detailed--due to those revealing ribbon mids and plannar tweeters. Vocals can be sweeter and richer on other thanribbons I find.I compare it to an Apogee Diva/Duetta/Scintilla with active high quality subs attached. Have 2 servo amp driven bass drivers per side. These are large speakers 6'x28.5" and 1000lbs (the pair)-certainly serious speakers in their day, or any day. Can compare favourably with todays equivalent.
I've got the lower 350's and they are on an entirely different level from anything I've heard before with the possible exception of Wisdoms set up properly. The bigger Maggies come close but not nearly the range. Quite simply, they're the closest thing to being there. If you have to deal with spouse acceptance factor (SAF), you're out of luck.

It's all a matter of taste, though. These planar magnetic "ribbons" don't have quite the weight of dynamic drivers and they're not quite as dry as 'stats.

With enough bass to rattle the doors, a large room and some treatment may be required. They should be placed at least 4' from any walls. The bass amp/crossover does remove the bulk of demand from amps but the 4 ohm ribbons still require a powerful amplifier that can merge well at the crossover point (roughly 85 Hz).

For $7000, it's a steal. They usually sell for over twice that, used. They still make them and they cost over $40,000 new from Genesis Advanced Technology. Parts and upgrades still available.

These are the creations of Arnie Nudell. He, Christie and John Ulrick (Spectron) created Infinity before being bought out by Harmon Intl.
Thanks for answers. The 4 feet from wall is troubling me.
I can get them so far out from back wall but not from side wall. Perhaps to big for me.I have a friend here who is Infinty freak and he says that a big Infinty/Genesis will challeng my beloved Audio Artistry Beethovens and I would love to get it a try.
I bought a pair of Genesis 2.5's on AUDIOGON for 7 grand and they are worth every penny I paid for them.Big,imposing,impressive in beauty and sound, they blew away the Infinity IRS Betas I sold to make room for them.These speakers will reproduce a life like and breathless soundstage.The better the source material the better the sound.I can also vouch for the fact the bass is chest pounding and sends chills down your spine.It is also very clean and tight as dictated by the source material.I ususally keep it at 50% power less I knock down a wall.I would say thes $22,000 speakers of 1995 can run with anything made today. Why pay 10's of thousands more?
If you have room contraints the 5.2 or even the previous version 501 (from the new Genesis) will more then satisfy you. The quality of the newer drivers and crossovers make these speakers as good or even better the the older II.5's I have had just about every speaker Genesis has ever made and can say that the 5 serious speakers are in my opinion the best value.