Any opinions the 2 best Tony Bennet CD ?

There's a kabillion Tony Bennet CD's.
would like one or two to round out my music collection.
Suggestions anyone ?
The "Unplugged" is very nice for his later stuff and I will have to "dig" for another winner as I cannot recall the title.
"Unplugged" is very good and if your a newbie to his music either Tony Bennett "sings Ellington Hot and Cool"(better sonics) or Tony Bennett "Ultimate Collection"(more diverse collection of his music).

My fav's are "Tony Bennett Bill Evans album" and the latest "Playin' with my friends".
Hands down: "The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album", no commentary necessary. "Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall" with the Ralph Sharon Orchestra and Trio. To me, this 1962 live recording shows Tony's voice in it's best form ever on record. Of the newer stuff, I like "Perfectly Frank"
Don't know what album it originally was on but "Stranger in Paradise" has got to be his best song. No - never mind - "When Joanna Loved Me" is . Actually, the best is "This Is All I Ask". Can't decide. Bill Evans, on a later album, mentions that the latter undoubtedly belongs to Tony Bennett. Of course, their collaboration is incredible. Wasn't there a sequel?
hello the Ultimate Tony Bennet on SACD has a serious sibilance problem on "I left my heart in San Francisco", I sold the disk because of it. I would rather listen to unplugged version on Red Book CD