Any opinions on Vandersteen 2c with Jolida amps?

I'm considering upgrading to the 2C and will need more power than I have now. Has anyone heard them with the Jolida 302B (50 wpc) or the hybrid 1501 (I believe 100 wpc)? Any other suggestions for tube integrateds in the $500-700 range (used or new)? I don't need loud volume or have a large space but want the best overall sound for the money (detail, sounstage, sweet highs, smooth mids, respectable bass, etc.). I know that is asking A LOT. All help, advice, opinions are welcomed. Please help.
I would highly recommend you check out the Kora "Explorer 90 SI" int. amp. I've owned a couple of Jolida's, but this Kora is the one to own. It has everything (sound quality wise) you're looking for. There was a used one here on AudiogoN for $400 OBO the last time I looked. A great int. amp @ a very nice price. I've owned quite a few int. amps, and this Kora is by far the most musical/enjoyable I've ever owned. Bill
I suggest you wait for a while, than double the cost and get used Aronov integrated. Do you want a great sound or just OK,maybe?