any opinions on the revel sub 30

looking to have a serious sub for the home theatre...its only two channel, but good 2 channel and would like to bring in an earthquake...can spend up to $3000 if needed,but don't have 2- any suggestions...the revel sub 30 got pretty decent reviews, but i would like to hear from the pro's of audiogon...thanks for your help, brent
fantastic sub. Fast and tight. Best sub I have experienced.
thanks for the info adidadi- i went with the piege mk11...
Same here! I have tried the REL Stentor II (sucked big time), Revel B15 (very nice sub) and owned a pair of Velodyne DD18's (good value/volume) wich I replaced by 2 SUB30's. The Revel sub30 is by FAR the best subs I have ever heard. Plays faster, deeper, tighter and louder than anything I have ever heard.