Any Opinions on the Quad Artera Solus

Hey Everyone,

I just came across this all in one unit from Quad, the Artera Solus.

Seems like a decent unit and so was curious if anyone has any experience or opinion on it?

A few of the reviews I read were quite positive.

I have extensive experience with Quad VA-1,all in 1(no cd)tube integrated amp/DAC it was almost perfect.Quad makes bespoke level equipment IMO & if you don’t need cd(CD’s are dead friend)I recommend the much less expensive Vena II.If you must have cd I still recommend the Vena II & a good Multi Disc(DVD etc..)unit into the Venas on board DAC...

Thanks for your input.

At this point I am just curious about the Quad System.

It does look interesting and I like the looks also.

I do have a big selection of CD's and still like to listen to them.

How is the DAC on your Quad?

If I were interested, I think I would probably go for the Artera Solus.

Seems to have everything.
I've since moved on from the Quad,couldn't handle the labor intensive & dangerous biasing procedure.The DAC was IMO superb,musical,defined & never brittle.Quad electronics always seem to be voiced justtttt right..
freediver, you suggested that I consider the Quad Vena ii in a post earlier this week.  In this post you state that you've moved on from Quad for reasons that I don't understand.  What do you mean by "labor intensive & dangerous biasing procedure"?  Should I not consider the Vena?