Any Opinions on the new MIRAGE OMNI250's?

These are the floorstanding omni-directionals from Mirage. I auditioned the Omnisats but they didn't do it for me.

I'm thinking Omni250's front, Omni CC and the Omnisats for surrounds.

What do you think?
They are HORRIBLE! Even the mid-fi dealer I spoke with has to sell them agreed. Real marketing hutzpah, but the swimmiest, Valium-like soundstage I ever heard! Phew.
Thanks for comment but in my 'less than optimal' room I was hoping the Omnidirectional speaker would be a plus.
Front L/R must be 1' from the sidewall and 5' from the front walls (with velvet curtains about 1 foot behind the speaker). The sofa is 15' from L/C/R and directly against the wall. No way I can change these parameters.
Am I wrong thinking it will be tough to set up directional speakers under these circumstances?
If soundstage accuracy is not important to you, they may be very satisfying. For HT, though, where localization is quite important, they will demonstrate some limitations.

Just my $.02.