Any opinions on the Michell Orbe MkII? + and/or -

I'm considering buying J A Michell's ORBE MkII with Graham Phantom arm and Benz Micro LP. I love the arm and cartridge, but not the deck or suitability together.
I'm getting very impressive results out of my Orbe Mk-II with a Wilson Benesch Act 0.5 arm and a Shelter 501 II cartridge. I use mine with my own fixed-suspension mod on a BDR carbon-fiber Shelf and it sounds great. It has tremendous bass, loads of detail, and impressive layered soundstaging.

I'd love to see/hear what an Orbe could do with the Graham Phantom and the Benz. I think you should try it before dismissing it. Many times I've been very impressed by components that I didn't expect that much from...

Good luck and let me know how you make out.