Any opinions on the Audioquest CV-8 Speaker Cable?

I’m running an Esoteric I-03 Integrated into Focal Sopra No.1 speakers.  Sources include a Lumin S1 and PS Audio Directstream DAC and Memory Player.  Just wondering if upgrading the cables would be worth the money.  I would be willing spend up to $1200.00 to upgrade.  I’m looking for someone that has used the CV-8s cables in their system and upgraded.
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I use a shotgun bi-wired set between my Ayre AX-7e and my Vandersteen Quatro CTs. Particularly in a shotgun bi-wire configuration, I think they are killer - 2 x 72 Volt DBS, 2 x 12 ga. wire, ability to put some distance between the runs, etc. Plus you can pick them NOS on the cheap. Not sure I’d user them in a single biwire configuration, though, as you won’t reap all the benefits. 
Look at the Wireworld Equinox as a nice upgrade in your price range.  Excellent cable with a great company to support it.  This was the cable that got me off the merry-go-round, which included the CV-8 at one point.
AQ CV-8 if I recall correctly is one of the lower end on the AQ spectrum.
I haven't used CV-8, but have used Rockefeller, which is a couple of notches up the ladder, but somewhat long in the tooth. I find it to be very nice with my Vandy Treo's. I would expect the CV-8 to work well with your Focal's, but I think you could do better.
For me, I would go with something like the Rocket 88 or GO-4, both are relatively inexpensive, depending on distance.