Any opinions on the Audio-Technica OC9ML II?

I've been reading quite a few rave reviews on Vinyl Asylum and have been thinking of trying one out. At under $300 it seems like a steal if everything I've been reading is true.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on it.
In my opinion, it is a steal. Almost ten years ago I bought one of the original ones that retailed for almost $700... and it was a good deal then. At $300 it is an exceptional bargain.

I have used it on a Sumiko MMT and FT4, as well as the PT6 arm that come on the VPI Jr... all with wonderful results.

For price it is unbeatable. A while back, I "upgraded" mine to a Benz Micro Glider at more than double the cost and went back to the OC9!
Thanks for the info - looks like I'm going to have to get one! Any idea as to what size spacer I would need on a Rega (P5) table?
This cartridge seems to be a perrenial favorite on VA. I'd really like to compare it to a 103r, as some have on VA, just to see what all of the fuss is about. But I have been so happy with the 103r that I figured why spend the $$$$. If I do break down and buy a new cartridge, it would probably be a ZYX. But there are other things that are in the works first.

I don't think you would need a spacer, but I'm not really sure. Why do you think you need one?
I used the OC9 on my VPI Scout for about 6 months. I think it is ok for the money but it was not really my cup of tea. It has detail but can also be a bit strident and harsh at times, not the most elegant or musical sounding cartridge. After returning home one day to find the stylus broken off (another story) I did some reasearch. I purchased the ZYX Yatra, and it is an extraordinary cartridge. An excellent match for the JMW9 arm- compliance and tonearm mass are always an issue when considering a new cartridge. It is wonderfully musical and an excellent choice for Jazz and classical music. One amazing feature is its almost total silence in the grooves of all records, even those in less than perfect shape. An important quality for me. As well as being an audiophile I am a musician with a huge collection of great records not just new audiophile pressings. So in the purchase of a new cartridge you should think about what qualities are important to you sonically and be sure that it is compatible with your tonearm.
How quiet it runs in the groove is quite important to me - I've got a lot of used records in less than perfect shape. Inner groove distortion is a big no-no in my camp too. The Exact I'm running now displays no inner-groove distortion but isn't the quietest on some used records.

My musical preference is primarily classic rock - so dynamics are a big deal to me. If it's any indication - I actually like the Rega Exact MM (quite a bit too...) and the Goldring 1042 if that gives you an idea of where I'm coming from.

I've considered the Denon carts - but the AT is higher output at .4mv and tracks at a lower VTF. Everything I've read is that the sound from either is great - so the OC9 sounds like the winner to me.

Any comments with regard to noise, dynamics, and inner-groove distortion (tracking) and the OC9 would be great!

I'm not sure that I do need a spacer Jphii - I just thought that I might in order to get VTA correct. I've got some 2mm spacers coming from Red Trumpet though so I'll have them if need be.
I picked up an OC9ML/II and really like it.

I'm wondering if the highs will pull back a little after break-in? They're not harsh - but a bit hot and bright. I'm hoping that the highs will smooth out and the mids will come forward a little after it's broken in.

Any thoughts from other users?
Well, Audio Technica's house sound is bright, no doubt about it. But I have heard it sounding very musical on an air-bearing turntable with an arm with high lateral mass. So I suggest you try the Twl mod (you should find it on this forum somewhere) to add lateral mass (and don't skimp) to your tonearm which should (hopefully) re-balance the sound.

I loved my oc9 in my systemdeck with hadcock arm. This was so good I completely forgot about trying to improve the sound, I was completly happy.

I used the OC9 cartridge form 85 to 93 when I got my glider, but I really missed the oc9, it was very quite in the grove.

Many say at this price point the Dennon 103r is the best, and a rega arm is a good match.

For the twl mod just lookup twl and email him.

I have the mod on my Origin Live Silver and it is killer.
You can go to the thread.

Strange tonearm tweak long.

here is a clickable link