Any opinions on Signal Cable products?

Has anyone used Signal Cable products and are willing to share their opinions. Their prices are fairly competitive but am wondering how good their products are. Thanks.
I recently bought their AC power cable. I figured that for $59 for a 6 ft. cable and with a 30 day home trial guarantee, I couldn't go wrong.

This was my first experience with an aftermarket power cable so I had no idea as to what to expect, if anything. Well, the minute I attached it to my cd player, I was astounded at the improvement it made. A deeper bass response with significantly better bass detail and improved soundstaging was immediately noticable.

I was skeptical about power cords but no more! For $59 this thing is a steal! Let me mention before I forget-- the quality of parts and construction is first rate. I don't know how they do it but I'm glad they do!

I haven't tried their interconnects but am curious. I'm just a very satisfied audiophile. I have absolutely no connection with Signal Cable.
I have to agree with Theduke. It's well constructed, ships fast and is a real bargin. Way better than stock cords. It's at least as good as my Analysis Plus Power Oval (3-4 times the price) but not as good as my PS LabII PC (8 0r 10 times the price)
Anyone tried their speaker cables yet?
Where can you audition/purchase these cables. I have searched but have found nothing.

Thank you for your assistance.
Lngbruno - go to I believe they only deal through the internet.
I have the power cables and interconnects and can say that IMO these compete easily with far more expensive "brand recognition" cables.
Just received Signal Cables Magic Power PC's (have 2) for use on two of my nOrh Le Amp monoblock amps. The amps are for the mains in my HT setup. Center speaker Le Amp is using a HT Pro AC 11.
A bit too early to pass an opinion along (only about 8 hours on them), but so far, so good. They are better than the molded AC plugs from nOrh, that is for sure.

I am currently using their power cord ($59) in my system. The construction is first rate, and given adequate break in time, the performance of this cord is excellent. I don't understand how he is able to sell this for so little money. Its a steal.
I also own a set of the speaker cables. I find that I prefer my XLO 5.1, but for the money I've not heard their equal.
Signal is a good cable for the money. It depends on the level of performance that you require. I use the power cords in my HT system.
Tried their PC, the Belden 83802 DIY cables are cheaper
and sound much better. If you can use a screwdriver and
a wire stripper, save money and build your own.
I'm interested in hearing more about their interconnects and speaker cables, esp. if used w/ Stratos amp.
I have two pairs of Signalcable ICs, both in RCA, one is the cheaper set and one is the more expensive "reference" set.

The Reference IC easily bested my Transparent Musiclink 100s, more musical mid, warmer, solid bass, a little less brightness, but nontheless open highs. I havent A/B compared the cheaper set yet.

I also have signalcable 12' speaker cable(non biwire), nice quality, sound is very comparable to my Transparent MusicWave 100 speaker cable. Transparent has brighter highs but weaker bass, the Signalcables have solid detailed bass, a little less brightness, I have A/B'ed the combo and it is close, I think the signal cable needs a little more run in time.

I am running both cables in a shotgun config, and it is working very nicely, to my surprise. The Transparent's on the high/mid and the Signalcable's on the lows. I plan to do some switching and testing later.

I use Signalcable's power cords on all my amps, and subwoofer as well. I never new my sub could make such prodigious bass.

I would say that all the products that I have used from Signalcable were an excellent value.
I ordered a set of balanced ICs last week from Frank after chatting with him via phone. Nice guy, good product, same day shipping. BTW, I bought a new balanced IC he has that's not on his website. I just bought new amps and needed a set of ICs with no real money left over- my old amps were SE inputs only.

The sound? Great. I can't comment at this time on how they stack up to other balanced ICs because I just made some serious system mods (new amps, dedicated power circuit, running my pre-amp to amp ICs balanced). I have some other balanced ICs coming, and then I'll compare them.

Just for fun I compared the Signal cables to Transparent Music Link Supers, which were single ended, and there's an absolutely huge difference in detail resolution and background noise. I suspect that the majority of this is the difference between balanced and SE, however, but in terms of sound quality, ignoring the balanced characteristics, the $70 Signals were no letdown compared to the $300 retail Transparents- midrange accuracy was good, cymbals "sparkled" nicely-- overall tone was spot-on.

Overall, I'd say Signal's stuff is a great value-- look at the cost of building a set of balanced ICs, just price the parts, then compare to Frank's sale prices. I think you're half way to the retail cost just buying the Neutrik balanced connectors and the nifty "Transparent-style" cable sheathing.
I'm currently using:
25 ft Single ended IC from HT processor to sub
1 pair of Analogue 2 IC's (various, from SACD to pre, TT to pre)
1 20ft pair of speaker cables from amp to external XO's
4 20 inch "jumpers" per side from XO's to speaker panels.

Most of them were purchased at around the same time and have about 20 to 30 hours on them. They are still opening up and burning in. But I am very impressed with them on a value per dollar spent basis.

I replaced the following with them:
1 pair Audioquest Ruby
MIT T4 (new style) speaker cables
1 pair Audio Magic Presto II

I also have 2 pairs of Nordost Blue Heaven Rev II in my setup as well.
So far, in my setup, Frank's cables bested the AM and the MIT. The AM Presto's were a little too forward and lean in my opinion, and the Speaker cables are heads and tails better than the MIT T4. I do still really like what the Rubies can do though.

They continue to open up as I put more hours on them, and they are VERY well made, great customer service, fast shipping. Just my opinion.
I also recently bought the new balanced IC's as well, along with 2 power cords and have just started using them. They sound terrific, but what has been most impressive thus far is the build quality.
I just replaced all my cables with signal cables. It was the first time I ever chose to 'downgrade' in the name of better sound--I'm selling my old stuff for as much or more than what I'm paying for the Signal wire.

Here's what I replaced:
Virtual Dynamics Audition (cryo'd) interconnects.
The signal analogue 2 cables, at 1/3 the cost, even with just one day of burn in, simply beat the VD cables in every way. Warmer, more three dimensional soundstage, at least as detailed and dynamic. Did away with the shrillness in the upper mids and lower trebble that i've been battling for a long time. More bass. Much more natural timbre and overall tonal balance.

Virtual Dynamics Power 3 cord:
The signal magic digital cable cost 2/3, and with even minimal burn in sounded better. Not earth shattering, but better. A little brighter, which I wasn't looking for, but smoother in the midrange, which I was definitely looking for. This is on my Rega Planet 2000 cd player. I'm waiting to put their bigger power cord on my unico integrated amp. Will see what difference that makes soon.

Audioquest GR-8 biwire speaker cable.
This stuff has a reputation for not being so good, and in fact I found it to be harsh sounding. The Signal doublerun biwire cable bested it in every way. Especially bass, tonal balance, midrange smoothness, and warmth. This is with a long run (18 feet) to Triangle Zerius speakers, which I'm finding to be very sensitive to the quality and matching of everything that comes before them.

The only other cable i've compared is some old straightwire rhapsody ICs, which were thin and shrill sounding. No contest.

I havent compared the Signals to anything high end, but i feel no need to spend money on better sound than i'm getting from these cables. I'm very happy with them. They've proved what I'd always hoped: that I could get the sound I wanted without paying ridiculously high cable prices.

Ditto the above. I'm especialy impressed with their double run (non-biwire) speaker cable and "hospital grade" power strip. I pretty much concur with the reviewer from positive-feedback which you can easily find on the signalcable website.