Any opinions on Shiit Freya+ and Bifrost or combination? Other worthy options considered.

Any opinions on Shiit Freya+ and Bifrost or combination?

Anyone with experience with either of these two? Any 

I am seeking to replace my older Parasound P2 preamplifier and older Bifrost Uber DAC. I want all the functionality and flexibility of the P2 ( multiple inputs, balanced out and in connections, quality parts) and add some tube sound, but like to know if the Freya+ would be an upgrade. Also I have the older Bifrost Uber and was wondering if the new Bifrost would be a good step up.

My budget is about $1600 for both, so thats a lower end for both. I am also interested in anyone with similar needs who has tried something else. Maybe a combo preamp and dac. Looking at digital streaming and the DAC would improve the sound of my Bluesound Node 2 and/or Bluesound Vault which I am keeping as a source. No need for phono hookup

The amp is a Parasound A21.

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Thanks I will be awaiting your impressions.
Also to anyone with any other recommendations for a DAC at the $700 mark or below.