Any opinions on PS Audio Power Plants

I have a P-300 for my source equipment and it has made a huge improvment in the sound of my system. I also have a PS Audio Ulimate Outlet on my power amps and ditto. Any once else had a similar experience?
Yes, Alephman, I experienced similar audiophilic euphoria after installing a P300. However, the one thing I don't like about is the fan noise! I buried mine behind my Billy Bag's rack and that quited it down a bit, but it still is noisier than I'd like when the music gets quiet. How's your experience been in this regard?
I have the P300 as well. I started out by running an Xtreme Statement into a HC/UO, then another Xtreme Statement to the P300. Plugged in to the P300 were my tube preamp, CD transport, DAC, and tube phono stage. I only used the 60/120 settings on Sin wave. I never really used the Multiwave options, at least not to this point. I think the system performs well, but the fan does come on after about 30 minutes and the P300 still runs hot even though its on an amp stand not the floor.

Today I reconfigured. I run the P300 from one wall socket with only the CD transport, DAC, and tube phono stage connected. The HC/UO is in a second wall outlet with the tube preamp plugged into it. The tube amp has always been in a separate wall socket with the power filtered by a Chang Lightspeed (soon to be Running Springs Duke).

I am going to play around some more with the Sin wave settings. If any one has any suggestions for me to try I'd be interested in hearing them. I also upgraded to Multiwave II+ and I like the Clean Sweep demag function. I would recommend the upgrade and it's pretty easy to do yourself if you exercise some patience and follow the instructions.
The noise in the fan is what got me to upgrade to the P-500. Much quieter.
Photon46 - I felt the same way about my P300's fan noise, so I disconnected the lead to the fan. It's been working fine for over 3 years now, and it's dead quiet. As I've just got my SS front end components connected, there's no problem with overheating.
I have had the same problem with the fan noise in my P300.I have called PS Audio and was informed, that you can safely disconect the fan, unless the power meter on P-300 doesn't read above 100W.

I run it with no fan with no issues at all.

The other solution is to install a super quiet, HQ fan you can get in computer stores. Super-duper Papst fan should set you back around 20$ and will be dead quiet.
I upgraded to a P1000 recently. I was able to plug everything into it's regenerated outputs from the CDP to my Ayre amp and it has been pure music bliss :-)......
I also have had the P300 for over three years now with nothing but great performance improvement on all my front end components. I replaced the fan with a super quiet Pabst fan and I can barely hear it. Plus it makes the unit run a lot cooler compared to running with the fan disconnected, and for electronics, that is always a good thing. Try the experiment sometime and take it out of your system. You won't keep it that way for long.
Has anyone moved from the Ultimate Outlets,on front end components,to the P-300?Any thoughts?I have 2 Uo's in a dedicated line.Would moving to the P 300 be overkill,as I'm not hearing a trace of noise,or compression!Thanks.

You said:

"I have called PS Audio and was informed, that you can safely disconect the fan, unless the power meter on P-300 doesn't read above 100W."

The power meter on mine in Sin wave mode barely goes over 60W. Even now as it is running with the DAC, transport and phono stage powered on it is at 40W. I guess based on what you said I should not disconnect the fan, correct?

How complicated is it to install the Pabst fan. Is there a particular model you recommend?
Ther'ye coming out with Multiwave ll # which I will be receiving today. Supposed to clean up power supplies and transformers and more increments for turntable motor control. I can't imagine using the P-300 as a motor speed control with a VPI SDS and the Walker. Wish I could afford a P-1000 as my amps draw 600 watts. Have a High Current Ultamite Outlet for that.

Correct. You can safely disconnect the fan. It will run very hot wit no fan, but it will be fine.

If you decide to go the Papst route, get the quitest one you can find. They always have a noise level indicated on the box.

You can also get one with a speed regulator - when you turn it down (it will go slower, but still fast enough for proper cooling) the fan will be completely inaudible.

The fan should last about 6 months (we are talking about 24h, constant working cycle). After that period you will probably have to replace the fan, since they get noisier with age (just like the fan in computer PS). But at 20$ it is no biggie.

The replacement of the fan is very easy. Its beeing held by 4 screws.
Clio09 I am in the process of moving to Oregon and everything, including my P300, is in storage. I'll check through some of my emails to see if I can track down that model number as I'm sure I ordered it online. Stay tuned...
My equipment is ultra quiet, I have dedicated 20amp lines, I live in a more rural area where demands on current don't seem to be an issue. Even given all of this I noticed a very real improvement in sound the first time I plugged in the P500 (latest version). A little pricey but worth it to me. Wish it had a remote though.
I have the PS Audio UPC 200.Made an real improvement to my audio system.One bank for the Gryphon Callisto 2100 and the other for the Audio Aero Prima cd player.Signal Cable powercords.
I use two UPC 200 on my amps connected into dedicated lines, sources connected to a Power Director 3.5 that is connected to a Power Plant P-500 that's connected to it's own dedicated line and the results are fantastic. In regards to the fan noise in the p-500 it's only heard about 2-3 feet from the unit and it's a non issue for me as my listening position is about 12 feet away from the p-500.
I'm wondering for an improvement in sound quality is it worth purchasing a PS Audio P500 Power Plant when I already have two Ultimate Outlet's? The UO's work very well though they definitely work best when you don't mix digital and analog into the same UO and when there's nothing but the amplifier plugged into the other UO? Thanks