Any opinions on LAT Intl. interconnects ??

System consists of Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated amp and A3.2 CD player, and Magnepan 1.6 speakers.
Compared to Nordost Blue Heaven the LAT were a little warmer and not quite as extended or detailed

A pretty good IC but there are better to be had in the lower price catagory
Very good. I've used just about all of their stuff. Extremely well built. I'm not too fond of their RCA connectors though. They are gold plated and locking but the underlying metal appears to be zinc or some base metal. I just reterminate their stuff with Cardas silver RCA's. The combination of Cardas RCA's and Lat's wire is superb.
They are ok for the money; consider Acoustic Zen WOW's, I am sure others on here can give other good considerations.

A friend and I compared them to Nordost Blue Heaven's and found them extreemly close. He sold the BH and purchased some AZ IC's, including a WOW, and found the WOW to be superior, easily.